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The Official Bioshock Aquarium

Even more than two years after its release, BioShock is still worth talking about. What's you favorite moment? How many Big Daddies did you take down without dying? What are you looking forward to the most about BioShock 2? Begin speculating here.

Should Your little Sister do and say as you do?

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  • IN BIO Shock 2 the fact that you could choice what to do with key characters. I often found my self unsure what to do with them all except one person. The Anne Gemima lady she was a really strong lady mentally raising the little sister and sticking strongly to her believe that the ALPHA series Big DAddies were evil and could not love. The thing I admired the most was she wasn't scared to die in an effort to stop what see was sworn to destroy. Me being the sensative guy i spared her allowing her to she I was no monster but a human trying to find my little sister. My greatest gift to her was showing her there are still good beings in a coruppted city. Back to what the title implies the thing that bugged me was that my little SISTER  followed in my foot steps of looking out for #1 one in my stupid search for ADAM. IF LAMB had taught her any thing it was to stick to your beliefs

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