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The Official Batman Arkham Asylum Cave

The World's Greatest Detective finally has one of the world's greatest games to call his own. Looking for tips on how to rack up 40-move combos? Need help finding all the Riddler trophies? Just want to complain about how stupid Bane looks? This is the plac

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  • Forum Post: What was Your Favorite Part In Batman arkham asylum

    My favorite part was probaly between Killer Crocs Lair and Fighting the Joker besides it being supper easy on any type of game play i wish they made it more harder ,and i wish you got to fight killer crocbut you probaly will get to in the next one
  • Forum Post: Where the crap is the batcave!?

    Okay so i'm at the part where you have to go back to the batcave after poision ivy makes all her plants groow out of control. I can't figure out how to get to the batcave. HELP!!
  • Forum Post: Batman AA Ending

    Ok, I just got AA for christmas (ya i know, im falling behind), and ive beat it about 3 or 4 times since i got it. I noticed on the 1st time through it, at the end when the titan box is floating in the Gotham bay, Bane's hand reaches up and pulls it under. Other times it's Croc's hand that...
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