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The Official Batman Arkham Asylum Cave

The World's Greatest Detective finally has one of the world's greatest games to call his own. Looking for tips on how to rack up 40-move combos? Need help finding all the Riddler trophies? Just want to complain about how stupid Bane looks? This is the plac

B:AC Costume

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  •   On the new GI there is an incredible badass looking Batman (also there is a much lamer cover but I care less about that one). I started thinking, how awesome would it be to unlock that white batman suit. It would certainly make you less stealthy, but it would still be amazing. Maybe you could unlock some of the other suits batmans used over the years. Maybe even one with Bat-nipples. Or not.

    Note: did anyone else notice how similar the cover was to Sin City's art style? Black and White except for a few things which are red like blood or Catwoman's goggles.

    Eh? Whats all this?!

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