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The Official Batman Arkham Asylum Cave

The World's Greatest Detective finally has one of the world's greatest games to call his own. Looking for tips on how to rack up 40-move combos? Need help finding all the Riddler trophies? Just want to complain about how stupid Bane looks? This is the plac

What are your Hopes and Wishes for BAA2?

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  • Batman Arkham Asylum was the best and most accurate game for the Dark Knight in Gaming History.

    Various vilians, areas of awe, and clever riddles for you to fight, solve, and marinate in as the World's Greatest Detective. Sly, stealthy and truly super as himself, Batman is a Fan-Favorite.

    With great expectations met in the first title, what do you expect for the Caped Crusader in his second?




  • thats a great question. idk if many people would like these things too, but what i would like for  AA2 would be some driving/escape/chase scenes in the Batmobile. i know the first game had strong stealth elements, and i think that should stay, but i just love the Batmobile. i think i driving sequence could be done well, and still keep with the suspense/action vibe the first game had. (i think the 'tumbler' is cooler than the standard Batmobile, but thats not likely in the game i don't think.) also, i would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to spend even a small amount of the game as Bruce

    Wayne. maybe in the very beginning (even just the opening sequence would be nice) you're Bruce Wayne talking with Alfred of Lucius Fox when you get the call for Batman. i think some of the strongest parts of AA1 were the parts that kinda showed Batman's human, vulnerable "Bruce Way" side, like the Scarecrow sequences.

  • the batmobile idea is sweet. im kinda hoping for a more open world, y'now. like i was kinda lost after i reached 100% in the first because i got sick of the challenges and just stopped playing. i think it would be cool, since youre no longer limited to a relatively tiny island, if after reaching 100% in the game, that like there is still some crime in the city. like not the story mode type of huge crime, but like small robberies and stuff. im not proposing gta gotham but it would just be cool. id also like to see more things for completionists like myself such as more riddles and other small challenges.i hope in light of the main villains already being leaked, rocksteady might include some cameos of minor characters like mad hatter, my personal favorite batman villain, or even like humpty dumpty. just obscure characters to kinda highten the suspense or the excitement

  • I'm all for an open world and perhaps something extra for youy to do once you've finished the game.

  • I'd love to see a sweet high graphic chase seen with the bat moblie and a villans car.That would really cool ,and maybe getting to fight in gotham city

  • Open World gameplay. Vehicles. More drama (hehe).

  • A vehicle level in the Batwing. I want to rain death onto Jokers fortress (or whatever).

    Eh? Whats all this?!

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