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The Official Batman Arkham Asylum Cave

The World's Greatest Detective finally has one of the world's greatest games to call his own. Looking for tips on how to rack up 40-move combos? Need help finding all the Riddler trophies? Just want to complain about how stupid Bane looks? This is the plac

Batman Gameplay

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  • Which console do you prefer to play Batman: Arkham Asylum on, PS3 or Xbox 360?

    I own a PS3 now, and find it to be very fun and simple. On the Xbox 360, the button controls seem confusing during gameplay. I feel shapes (on PS3) are easier to understand than letters (on Xbox 360). I never had much experience with an Xbox 360; so you can imagine my inability. 


  • really?  how have you not memorized every bottun on both controllers yet?  when i see a game telling me to press a button, i can press it instantly without even thinking about it.  its become instinct.  ... i thought thats how it was for everyone.  


  • I have it for ps3 and the control scheme is the same way for both so I don't know why you were having trouble with it.





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