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The Official Batman Arkham Asylum Cave

The World's Greatest Detective finally has one of the world's greatest games to call his own. Looking for tips on how to rack up 40-move combos? Need help finding all the Riddler trophies? Just want to complain about how stupid Bane looks? This is the plac

Robin In Arkham City

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  • The little sidekick of Batman we all know and love has a new look. The question is: is it better for him or worse? Personally I like it better because he seems more mature than that stupid leotard and tights outfit with those crazy colors. What do you think?


    This is what Robin in Arkham City

  • Its a different look because its a different robin. The one who wore the leotard and tights with the crazy colors was Dick greyson while this one is Tim drake who made his own suit and then changed the colors following the death of superboy in the comics. And the armored look is only because hes in arkham city and know what he might have to face while normally it is less armored.

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

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