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Random Acts of Violence glitch...

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  • So after completing: the game, game plus, finding all the Riddler trophies, confronting Bane, Hush, and Deadshot, finding Fries' wife etc. I only have the random acts of violence left to do. The problem? They aren't occuring anymore? Does anyone have any tips, or has anyone else experienced this? Do you have to complete this side mission before confronting Joker at the theater?

    I also used the easy way in changing the date on my system, to get the Calander Man achievment. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. I've literally spent hours patroling Arkham City with all other side missions completed, and no new random acts of violence occur.


    It would really suck to have to restart the game, beat it and all side missions, beat game plus, and all the side missions and riddler trophies again. Although it would be an excuse to replay AC a 3rd and 4th time...

  • I'm going to guess the thugs of Arkham City aren't beating up political prisoners so much after Protocol 10. Many spots where they might have occurred are rubble afterwards. You might be out of luck. I haven't seen any since beating the main story either.

  • Double-posting to say I was wrong. While playing on Thanksgiving I stopped at least 2 acts of violence. It seems as if some of them don't even show up until after Protocol 10, so keep an eye out.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm guessing I messed up by doing the Calander Man Achievement and blasting forward month to month changing my xbox's date. Maybe the random acts of violence only happen for a year lol. Maybe if I get on xboxlive it'll download an update that will fix it. If not it's fine. Due to Arkham City I'm very into Batman again. Re-read old comics, bought new ones. Eventually I'm going to replay Asylum, and then after that maybe City a 3rd and 4th time. Those 3rd and 4th times I'll be sure to focus on the Random Acts of violence for sure.

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