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Whether it's shooting out kneecaps gangster-style, sneaking through the shadows and snapping necks like a spy, or flying over the city beating down crime with your comic book-inspired heroics, you love action. This is the place for you.

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    he steals it. a cop chases him. he gets hurt and has to go to the hospital. chief of medicine wont let him leave until he pays the bill. niko is devastated to be in America.
  • Forum Post: Re: GTA is the best.

    I was never a fan of the top view while driving. I couldn't see where I was going.
  • Forum Post: GTA is the best.

    NUH UH SAINTS ROW IS BEST CAUSE YOU CAN DRINK AND GET HIGH. But seriously, I've been a fan of GTA since III. So yes, you're right. GTA is the best.
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