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Whether it's shooting out kneecaps gangster-style, sneaking through the shadows and snapping necks like a spy, or flying over the city beating down crime with your comic book-inspired heroics, you love action. This is the place for you.

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    I was never a fan of the top view while driving. I couldn't see where I was going.
  • Forum Post: A Beast at Gta.

    I got into the military jet and flew out of this discussion! OH SNAP! But seriously, always good to see another GTA fan.
  • Forum Post: A Beast at Gta.

    Well I just caught up to you and ran your car into the lake (we're in San Andreas) so now you're dead. I'm the ultimate master.
  • Forum Post: A Beast at Gta.

    No you didn't. I respawned at the hospital. Now I'm jogging gracefully towards a semi so I can run you over.
  • Forum Post: A Beast at Gta.

    I bet I'm the ultimate master. Booya.
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