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Whether it's shooting out kneecaps gangster-style, sneaking through the shadows and snapping necks like a spy, or flying over the city beating down crime with your comic book-inspired heroics, you love action. This is the place for you.

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  • Forum Post: Favorite cut-scene or moment in the series ?

    Well, mine when Solid Snake went toe- to -toe with Grey Fox.
  • Forum Post: Re: Is the Series Really Over?

    DOn't worry bro, Hideo Kojima already talked about MGS5 and NO MGR is not MGS5 Rising is just Raiden's story, and a bridge between MGS2 and MGS4 in the eyes of Raiden, plus ojima is not in charge of that game, he just gave Platinum the go ahead to make what they want. PSM had an interview with...
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