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Whether it's shooting out kneecaps gangster-style, sneaking through the shadows and snapping necks like a spy, or flying over the city beating down crime with your comic book-inspired heroics, you love action. This is the place for you.

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    The new DLC wasn't due until fall, but a credible source says differently. Next Tuesday (August 31st), Minerva's Den hits Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network. It will cost 800 microsoft points ($9.99). You will take the roll of Subject Sigma- another Alpha Series Big Daddy. There will be 3 new...
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    I don't know how many of you in here have had the opportunity to finish of the General Knoxx DLC, but if you have, maybe you feel the same way I do. Without giving anything away (I talked about it in more detail on my blog), it's starting to feel seriously, SERIOUSLY padded. Like, hours of gameplay...
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    Left here ur xfire and steam gamertags ,to play borderlands in co-op. (xfire-francuzzz1010,steam-francuzzz1010)
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