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Whether it's shooting out kneecaps gangster-style, sneaking through the shadows and snapping necks like a spy, or flying over the city beating down crime with your comic book-inspired heroics, you love action. This is the place for you.

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    So after completing: the game, game plus, finding all the Riddler trophies, confronting Bane, Hush, and Deadshot, finding Fries' wife etc. I only have the random acts of violence left to do. The problem? They aren't occuring anymore? Does anyone have any tips, or has anyone else experienced this...
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    cool, buying this game...
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    Yes Mark Hamill is retiring the voice of one of the most iconic villains ever in his final time using the Joker's voice in Arkham City which makes me wonder if the Joker will die as he is seen in bad health and if there is another sequel who will be our new main villain?
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