I felt like asking how many people have had a great deal of success with "Beacons"??? I've seen people with over 500+ friends on FaceBook that have less than 50 on XBOX LIVE!!! It seems that beacons are bringing the console owners of FaceBook together without a stand-alone app. Has anyone had more than 25% of their current FaceBook Friends turn out to XBOX 360 owners. If so, do you make make more friends in Random server Matchups on LIVE or through social networks like FaceBook. Microsoft already bought Skype and has now integrated it's beacons into FaceBook, I hit the menu button on my controller in a few months and I may be able to Skype while managing my Beacons....  

Anyways, Microsoft has a lot on it's plate for the 720 and I guess the 360 will still be fully supported until the 720 owner base grows like it should.  However, over 70,000,000 PSPs sold in just the first few years.  The Vitas sales apparently went up 400% with the announcement of "One Piece" making it's way to the system.  Which is odd since their last OS update increased their browser speed by an average of over 75% and they've announced Hulu+ support is on the way.  Not even "Near" or a 2 Gig monthly 3G plan for under $25 a month has had the consumer pull that a single game has!!!  

I know "Destiny" is said to be cross compatible between 360 and 720 owners on LIVE.  So I guess I'm hoping the 720 will be a natural choice for all current 360 owners.  Anyways, how many of you have expanded your play base through Social Networking (FaceBook) as well as general consumerism (LIVE GOLD) and how do you think this will affect online gaming as we all look for other players that may not necessarily be in our Title Lobby at that second.  I like gaming with randoms and I've used the Invite, Join, and Party options on LIVE quite a bit with players I prefer.  

However, I'm curious just how much carry-over people are experiencing between their available networks???  We can all log into XBOX.com to see what people are playing and now we can use "Beacons" to do that on FaceBook as well.  So I'd like to hear what all of you think about the time we spend gaming with Randoms or whoever is on the game or sever of your choice.  Along with anything you have to say about the time you spend bringing people into those matches when they might otherwise be about to watch a little Hulu or just be on FaceBook adding to their Likes and Favorites.  Not to mention I've noticed a lot of women speaking out on gaming etiquette on LIVE through Reddit.com/r/gaming.... So does anyone see a major difference when they game through the Lobby V.S. Beacons???  Feel free to comment on any of this or even use it to start threads elsewhere, I'd like to hear what other gamer's out there have to say.  Felicia Day spoke on Reddit and got me thinking a few days ago and it just now occurred to me to make my first forums post to GameInformer.com!!!  

Hope you all enjoyed reading!!!