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Sven Co-Op [GI] group

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  • Yes, the original Sven Co-Op mod for Half-Life 1. We need a clan for this. The population is at a stand-still. If you have Half-Life 1 on Steam, please download Sven Co-Op 4.0 and join this group!

    My steam account name is emcee763. My display name is PyrO_o CheeZeCake.

    Add each other so you always have someone to Co-Op with!


    Don't have HL1? Get it! One of the all time greatest PC games ever. I think it costs $5 now.


    Currently playing: Modern Warfare 2, Resident Evil 5, New Vegas, Halo Reach, Bulletstorm

    Add me on XBL: Pyr0CheeZeCake (that's a zero)

    The Freeman Returns 2012. I'll give it hope for another year...

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