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MW2 spec ops moments

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  • anyone do something awsome on spec ops?? if so, tell me and i'll see if its as uber as mine!

    kade stone

  • It's been quite some time, but I do remember an epic ending to the Estate Takedown mission on veteran. One enemy remaining... slowly creeping around the house. "Please don't be a juggernaut..." Moments later, there goes that horrifying juggernaut audio cue (booOOOOooom). And without any time to prepare a strategy, there he is barreling through the front door. Of course as they'll always do, he saw me for about 0.05 seconds and got me to near death before I cut the corner down into the basement. So I wait there for him, and as soon as the tip of his gun sticks out I charge up and unload the entire clip from the Barrett at about 7 feet away. I think 4 hit, and as I see myself reloading, I know I'm already dead... so I go up for the knife, and it takes him down. Felt... sooo good.

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