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It's just like high school, only instead of segmenting off into the jocks, band geeks, skids, nerds, and other, you can form your clan groups around your favorite shotgun or whatever. You're all still nerds no matter how you slice it.

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    Clan Name: NFA!- Night Fang Assassins System: PS3 Looking for 8 members, that are really good gunmen. Dosent matter if your a girl or boy. NFA! Black-Ops News: havent got black ops yet, wont get it until xmas. NFA! is but not a black ops clan yet until i get the game but u still can use the clan title...
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    Clan 1337 is recruiting. we are a group of xbl MW2 gamers we specialize in team tactical and re currently recruiting members. current members are ninjagamer86 (Leader), Sgt Buzzob (Leader), BBeastB(Founding Member), sportstar1196(Founding Member), send a message and a friend request to Sgt Buzzob or...
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    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone wanted to start an MW2 clan with me. Although you have to have these requirements... 1) You cant be 30 and living in your parents basement (get a life) {And no you still cant be in the clan if you are 30 and dont live in a basement} 2) You have to be a straight up...
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