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It's just like high school, only instead of segmenting off into the jocks, band geeks, skids, nerds, and other, you can form your clan groups around your favorite shotgun or whatever. You're all still nerds no matter how you slice it.

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  • Forum Post: [sNc] siCK No Cure - Recruiting (14+)

    siCK is a clan with over 300 registered users. We currently have teams for Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4. We also expand into any game which takes the fancy of our community, games such as GTA5, Minecraft and League of Legends. We are a very close knit community that acts like one big family....
  • Forum Post: -{DM}- DrunkenMafia

    DrunkenMafia adult PC Gaming clan is accepting adult members. We are friends and will always be here, not like some other clans/guilds that come and go. We play many PC games but mostly looking forward to Star Citizen! If you are anxious for Star Citizen and have a microphone/teamspeak, come check us...
  • Forum Post: All Call of duty clans

    Please comment Your clan. It will be easy for people to find a clan
  • Forum Post: Need a clan for Cod?

    Join TDD$. 80 members and still growing. We play all game modes.
  • Forum Post: Clan for COD Black Ops Zombies (Xbox 360 Only)

  • Forum Post: PTP Clan members (Xbox 360) non/semi competetive

    I am PTP Break Point from the clan Ptown Players we have been a clan since late 2001. We are currently looking for new members to hang out with or for the better players of the clan compete in some events with. Message me on Xbox or send a chat invite I am usually only weekends and various weekdays....
  • Forum Post: Recruiting (VBR) ViperzblackRozez MW3 Clan PS3 (Elite Founders)

    The Names Viper If created a clan on COD: Elite (Call of Duty) it is a new clan for everyone and basically there are no requirements except to have an ELITE ACCOUNT K/D ratio doesnt matter. The clan is a casual and serious playing clan. Basically we play TDM (teamdeathmatch), KC (KillConfirmed), DZ ...
  • Forum Post: Unofficial Game Informer Online community clans: MW3 (360) and BF3 (PC)

    No frills, no requirements; These are simply clans for users to unite under. Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 clan General multiplatform Call of Duty Elite Group tag (Notice: Call of Duty links require an active Call of Duty Elite login) (Note: As of 11/16 Elite is still experiencing...
  • Forum Post: New Clan for Battlefield 2 Bad company and for Battlefield 3. No xp required.

    The clan's name has not been decided (open for suggestion). Please, if you want to join, post your Name, Gamertag, If you have Vietnam or Onslaught, and your ability at this game. Please be honest with your ability so we can pair you up with someone to compensate. (poor, half-bad, average, able-bodied...
  • Forum Post: Midland Base: The complete Halo experience.

    Founded 26 FEB 2010 we are one of the oldest groups that's still active. Join Midland Base - we've been here over a year and with an established member base and established leadership this is the only group you'll ever need. WWW.MIDLANDBASE.COM and also at WWW.MIDLANDBASE.NET We're a...
  • Forum Post: NFA Clan Recruitment

    Clan Name: NFA!- Night Fang Assassins System: PS3 Looking for 8 members, that are really good gunmen. Dosent matter if your a girl or boy. NFA! Black-Ops News: havent got black ops yet, wont get it until xmas. NFA! is but not a black ops clan yet until i get the game but u still can use the clan title...
  • Forum Post: 1337 recruitment

    Clan 1337 is recruiting. we are a group of xbl MW2 gamers we specialize in team tactical and re currently recruiting members. current members are ninjagamer86 (Leader), Sgt Buzzob (Leader), BBeastB(Founding Member), sportstar1196(Founding Member), send a message and a friend request to Sgt Buzzob or...
  • Forum Post: Xbox 360 Black Ops Clan - HeadBOP! (BOP)

    Greetings everyone. This is a repurposed cut/paste of a previous post I made for this same venture from back in the MW2 launch days, so if it looks familiar, there ya go. I still love this idea and hope to gather some allies willing to fight the good fight :D An idea discussed in jest between friends...
  • Forum Post: SVER

    We are looking for a few good people to join our clan on MAG. If interested post here or add me on psn Swinger406
  • Forum Post: Anyone Want 2 Start A CLAN on Xbox360 for Bad Company 2?

    I'm Thinking For A Name Pheonix something. I'm open to ideas. *Bad Company Veterans are preferred*
  • Forum Post: Want to join my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clan?

    The clan is called Hutaisuh and were just getting started and are looking for new members!! If your interested go to the website ( and let me know, Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Modern Warfare 2 Clan on the Xbox360

    Want to know if anyone is interested in joining a COD:MW2 clan on the xbox360. I'm looking for anyone who can snipe, sweep, stealth, etc. mainly other snipers though. Just say something if you're interested.
  • Forum Post: TkS

    We are still looking for a few more TKS members we are on MAG (beta) ,cod4 ,cod modern warfare 2, and more we can be found playing a number of multi-player games..So if you looking for PSN clan come look at our website
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