My Name is rich cser i started AoA (Army of Assassins) 7 years ago and im always looking

for new members we only operate on ps3 going to ps4 on nov 15. we are a group of serious

passionate gamers.we strive for the best we help each other we work hard and destroy the

Hacking and cheating will not be tolerated and dead Members will Be Kicked

When You Join AoA Your with us and no one else Period.


AoA Can Give you three things


Friends to back you up


experience to make you better


Events and Battles that will Challenge your Skills;  is our new Website. In Order to Apply To Any Section of AoA you must apply on the new website by clicking the top left hand corner link" and when you reach the website Click on Apply to Community fill out the Application and we will review it.


Current Sections Were Recruiting on


PS4 : COd Ghosts,AC4,Trophy Hunting

Xbox 1:COd Ghosts


Current Sections were taking Applications For

PS4:The Division,Destiny,Elder Scrolls Online,Watchdogs,Driveclub