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It's just like high school, only instead of segmenting off into the jocks, band geeks, skids, nerds, and other, you can form your clan groups around your favorite shotgun or whatever. You're all still nerds no matter how you slice it.

Midland Base - Halo only group for the TOTAL Halo experience!

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  • Got a smart phone? Check out our QR Code! Scan that QR Code with a QR app. on a smart phone and get taken directly to our info!

    We're mature folk that love the Halo universe, the games, and the comeraderie that comes with getting together to play a cool game.

    If you're a true fan of Halo and don't view it as "just another" FPS to play, then check us out!

    We have an Award System for our members.

    To ensure our roster has only active members we have instituted a minimum participation requirement of eight forum posts a month.

    Between 01 OCT 11 and 01 NOV 11 we will be bringing new ranks to our group between Recruit and Sergeant Grade 2 that members will earn based on their total forum post count. 

    We are still a group. We have no minimum skill requirement, and do not require you to change your gamer tag, call out, emblem, armor permutation, or colors. 

    We have  a lot of group montages on our website that will let you see how fun it is to play with us: Midland Base Montages

    We already have forums for Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4!

    We are the TOTAL Halo experience for those looking for a Halo only group.

    Founded 26 FEB 2010 we are one of the oldest groups around that's still active. Join Midland Base - we've been here almost two years and with an established member base and established leadership this is the only group you'll ever need to enjoy any of your Halo games.

    If your primary FPS is Halo join us and see what a difference it makes to be in a Halo only group and not a multi-game multi-
    platform group.


    We're a friendly group that gladly accepts members regardless of geographical location.

    We're here for those who want one place to find friendly people to play Halo with and also find answers to Halo questions.

    We focus on playing the game for fun. When you play with Midland Base you won't be yelled at for going negative, you won't be yelled at for your K/D, and you won't have to endure whining about "who carried who".

    Questions? Submit questions directly to group administrators by using our convenient contact us form .
    Our Discussion Forums are here .

    Tired of playing with rude people or cheaters? Tired of being in a multi-game multi-platform group with watered down Halo content?

    Join a true Halo group.


  • We have completed integrating our new eight post a month minimum participation requirement into our group with our full deployment of new ranks to our group that are obtained based on forum post count.

    We have also consolidated our list of in group ranks and in group awards into one chart so it is very easily understood.

    You can see our ranks and awards here:

    Midland Base ranks and awards

    And remember, if Halo is your game don't waste time with a multi-game, multi-platform group that has to divide its attention between different games and hardware technologies.

    Come see what a Halo only group is like, come check us out.

  • Check out our video, a Tour of Midland Base, and get to learn all about us and hear music from Halo 4.

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