The clan's name has not been decided (open for suggestion). Please, if you want to join, post your Name, Gamertag, If you have Vietnam or Onslaught, and your ability at this game. Please be honest with your ability so we can pair you up with someone to compensate. (poor, half-bad, average, able-bodied, experinced, and veteren.) The response should be in this format.



Yes, no.


All who apply will join. We value teamwork so please answer these questions as well.

What class do you favor?

What weapon in that class do you favor?

What's your playstyle?

Do you prefer vehicles or to be an infantryman?

Are you a good pilot?

Are you a good driver?

Are you tactical or do you adapt to new situtions?

Do you like to lead or do you follow orders well?

The enemy is postioned in a house. They are covering the approach to your objective.

Do you...

a) Have your gunners provide covering fire for your sniper who slips around and evens the odds for you and your team to eliminate them?

b) Storm the house?

c) pop a smoke and circle around?

d) have an egineer blow the house down and keep a medic on stand by for him?

e) make a run for your objective?

Answer the questions so we know where to put you and what your niche will be.