siCK is a clan with over 300 registered users. We currently have teams for Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4. We also expand into any game which takes the fancy of our community, games such as GTA5, Minecraft and League of Legends.

We are a very close knit community that acts like one big family. We are a very respectful and mature clan that values quality members over the quantity of members. Our member base is composed of members from across the world (Primarily America, Europe, and Canada). We are a clan that has been active for 5+ years and will remain so for many more years to come. Our members span from recreational players to professional gamers, so you will fit in no matter what type of gamer you are.

So, what makes siCK stand out from every other clans? Well, there are many defining factors. We have an elaborate points system that shows what rank you are within the clan and we also have an robust forum.

The ranks are synonymous with American military ranking system starting as a recruit then advancing to private, private 1st class, specialist, corporal, etc. All of the enlistment ranks are available through a point system by participating in clan events, showing your gaming prowess, going out of one's way for the benefit of the clan, etc. There is also an officer system that is by special appointment only that runs from 2nd lt to general.

Our forum, with over 100+ active users in the space of 24 hours acts as our gaming headquarters. Along with a well-structured forum and subsequent sub-forums we are able to organize clan events such as Interclan Games, Tournaments, Gamebattles and Platoon battles with ease. And with regular rewards (1v1 trophy, points, clan-wide recognition, the occasional map pack/PSN card, etc.) there is always good attendance.

If you have any questions concerning the clan, feel free to come to our site and just ask for me and I will be right there to help... So come on over check us out and let us know what you think.