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You like to feel like you're connected, and no system puts you in touch with your fellow gamers like the Xbox 360. But even if you haven't joined Xbox Live yet, this is the perfect place to come and catch up on the latest Microsoft news.

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    Hello Frag Festians, Warbuff here with a brainstorming session for y'all. In the future we will have another Battlefield 3 Frag Fest. And with 2.0 that means we need challenges. I've come up with a few of my own. Give me your opinions and ideas. Nothing too outrageous please. We want people to...
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    Hey everyone. For those of you who may not check the community blog section of the site, I wanted to make you aware of a comprehensive post I just published there regarding the tentative future of FragFest. I would just copy+paste the text here, but that raises red flags on the spam protection so, please...
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    RE: Operation Racoon City Frag Fest April 1st - No Foolin'! 1:00 PM Pacific Hosted by Warbuff6644 on Xbox Live That's all. Nothing complicated this time. Send Warbuff6644 a friend request and ask for a game invite.
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    What is GIO Frag-Fest? A monthly meeting for the online community. We communicate through the site on a daily basis, and we all love to game... yet getting together to actually play has always proven difficult, and this group helps! Different members might attend for different reasons...
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