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You like to feel like you're connected, and no system puts you in touch with your fellow gamers like the Xbox 360. But even if you haven't joined Xbox Live yet, this is the perfect place to come and catch up on the latest Microsoft news.

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    Streaming on Benefits for GIO FragFest: It will provide an opportunity for those that don't have the game or can't attend to see the stream. It has a great chat box: Gets people connected, talking, and having fun. Create highlights after the stream is over within the website. The streaming...
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    Frag Fest (Community Run): All Systems January 27th 7PM Eastern/ 4PM Pacific Hey everyone and welcome to the first Frag Fest of this year! While Eyros2k is off planning some awesome stuff for the rest of the year, I decided to host a community event that will encompass the major multiplayer platforms...
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    Bienvenidos and and Welcome to Frag Fest 8 on Playstation 3! The game that won voting is Bad Company 2! If you would like to play please leave a comment with your PSN ID and any information that could be useful; if you'll be joining late for instance. We are accepting offers for party leaders! If...
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    This thread was last updated 12:45 pm PST Friday FRAG FEST 6 Playstation 3 Details ATTENTION PS3 PLAYERS!!! We need someone to step forward and take responsibility of group leader. All that is required of you is to send game invites to the players listed below at 1 o'clock pacific time. Once everyone...
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