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You like to feel like you're connected, and no system puts you in touch with your fellow gamers like the Xbox 360. But even if you haven't joined Xbox Live yet, this is the perfect place to come and catch up on the latest Microsoft news.

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  • Forum Post: Re: Halo 3 FragFest, Saturday November 3rd

    I'm up for a Halo 3 Fragfest. I have ODST, so map limitations are not a problem to me. My GamerTag is TheGovernator15, and I can sort of co-host or whatever if ya want. I don't think that you will have to worry about player limit, as I don't remember ever reaching the maximum in previous...
  • Forum Post: GIO Map Pack Submission Thread

    GIO Map Pack Submission Thread Greetings! This is the submission thread for the GIO Map Pack Frag Fest going down on March 4th. If this is the first your hearing of this please redirect to the announcement thread and read it first. On march 4th we are playing custom maps and modes created by GIO members...
  • Forum Post: FF March 4th - GIO's Halo: Reach Custom Map Pack Event

    EVENT IS TODAY! Send friend request to warbuff6644! Frag Fest Presents: Gameinformer Online's Halo Reach Map Pack When: March 4th @ 1:00 pm Pacific What: Halo: Reach - Custom games On March 4th @ 1:00 pm pacific (4 pm eastern) Sheriff Warbuff and Alek389 are hosting a Halo: Reach custom map Frag...

    This post was last updated at 12:45 pm PST Friday FRAG FEST 6 XBOX 360 Details Here is a list of attendees for Halo: Reach on Xbox Lead contacts eyros2K - GT: eyros2k (Now PS3 lead) Fever Ray - GT: Akbirdman Warbuff - GT: Warbuff6644 waddledee187 - GT: RoboRoberto (After 2PM) General attendance Rabid...
  • Forum Post: FragFest 6: Sign Up Thread (Details inside)

    Voting for the July FragFest has come to a close. The community has spoken, and this month we will be gathering for... Halo: Reach on Xbox 360 & Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3 Team Fortress 2 on Steam Mark your calendars for THIS SATURDAY, July 30th. The event will begin as usual at 1:00PM PDT (that...
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