What is GIO Frag-Fest?

  • A monthly meeting for the GameInformer.com online community. We communicate through the site on a daily basis, and we all love to game... yet getting together to actually play has always proven difficult, and this group helps! Different members might attend for different reasons, but in the end it's all about the camaraderie... through bloodshed.

Who plans the Frag-Fest?

  • eyros2k, Warbuff and Fever Ray work together to plan and set up the once a month events.

Can I host a Frag-Fest?

  • Absolutely!  Please be considerate and don't plan a competing event the same day and time as another.  It's one thing if you don't like the game chosen and want to reach out to others like you.  It's another to create an entirely new event trying to lure attention from the first.  Make sure event announcement communicates the Date, Time, Console(s) of choice, and Game Title(s).  Also, please refrain from reserving a day and time without having the other details locked down.

How are the games for each event chosen?

  • The games are chosen by the community through a vote each month during the weeks before each event. Head into the forum section to see what is currently being voted on.

When is the next Frag-Fest?

  • Traditionally the last Saturday of every month, start time 14:00 PST - Mark your calendars! Having a scheduled time and date that is known weeks in advance should make it as easy as possible for you to insure your own attendance.  Keep in mind this isn't set in stone as Frag Fests can be spontaneous.  It's recommended that you log into the group once a week to stay informed.

How do I sign up for a Frag-Fest?

  • The host of the event will make an announcement in the forums.  Leave a comment on the forum post that states the console you'll play on and what your username is for that platform.

What happens on the day of the event exactly?

  • Party leaders and grouping info are always available here in the forum the day before the event to ensure everyone has each others info. At the appointed start time designated party leaders will send invites to attendees and we're on our way! Once you've joined your group just throw on a headset and have fun ;) Do bear in mind that your voice and in-game actions may be recorded and posted for the event highlight reel video.

I'm late for the Frag-Fest or I forgot to sign up. 

  • Don't worry.  Look on the post for the event to see who is hosting or attending.  If they are online and playing, just send a message asking for a game invite.

I don't own/approve of the game chosen for the Frag-Fest and want to play something else. 

  • Everyone has different tastes.  Usually folks voice their disagreement and walk away.  We'd like to discourage that.  In the event you are unhappy about a chosen game, carefully look through comments for other group members like yourself.  Reach out to them and set up your own group to play the game you want to.  Take the initiative!

I can't afford to buy a new game every month. 

Guess what, most of us can't, but you aren't without options...

  • GameFly is your friend - If you're not already a member, try it risk free. Introductory rates start at just 10$ for your first month and 15$ after that. I look at it this way, you get over 3 months of rentals for less than the price of a new game. Considering how many games you could completely finish in 3 months time, it's silly not to have GameFly.
  • Blockbuster - If one of these still exists in your neighborhood ask them how much it costs for the monthly, no due date, rentals for games.  Chances are it's a lot more money then Gamefly but an alternative for those can't get Gamefly or prefer to exchange titles quickly without using snail mail.
  • Red Box - Rental vending machines are popping up everywhere.  Check your local grocery store, 7-11, gas station, sleazy motel, wherever.  Most of them are offering game rentals now for $2 a night.
  • Gamestop Used Game Return - This method is going to sound a little sleazy.  But Gamestop has a 7 day no restriction return policy on all used games.  You can buy a game and return it within a week even if it isn't defective.  Just stop in and say you didn't like the game.  Generally the store clerk will take down all of your info when you do this so they can keep track of who returns items the most.  Chances are good though that the store won't care if you do this repeatedly unless you're doing it every couple of days.

If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me? 

  • That depends...


Check out the youtube video playlist for FragFest here!