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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

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  • Forum Post: Brainstorming BF3 Challenges

    Hello Frag Festians, Warbuff here with a brainstorming session for y'all. In the future we will have another Battlefield 3 Frag Fest. And with 2.0 that means we need challenges. I've come up with a few of my own. Give me your opinions and ideas. Nothing too outrageous please. We want people to...
  • Forum Post: Upcoming Max Payne 3 FragFest: Challenge Suggestions Thread

    Gooooood mor-er, afternoooon Game Informer Community Fra... alright that's just too much. But seriously, good day everyone - got two bits of info for y'all. First off, I just noticed as I was posting this thread that our forum has reached a total of 1000 posts :-O Even though the group has been...
  • Forum Post: The future of FragFest

    Hey everyone. For those of you who may not check the community blog section of the site, I wanted to make you aware of a comprehensive post I just published there regarding the tentative future of FragFest. I would just copy+paste the text here, but that raises red flags on the spam protection so, please...
  • Forum Post: Private GIO Server on Xbox 360 - Coming Soon

    Greetings Battlefield players. Warbuff here with some exciting news. Now that server renting is live for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 I'll be securing a server for the Game Informer Online Community. I have enough MSP to rent a sever for 30 days and I'll let everyone know when its live. For a few...
  • Forum Post: Resident Evil: ORC Frag Fest April 1st

    RE: Operation Racoon City Frag Fest April 1st - No Foolin'! 1:00 PM Pacific Hosted by Warbuff6644 on Xbox Live That's all. Nothing complicated this time. Send Warbuff6644 a friend request and ask for a game invite.
  • Wiki Page: FragFest - Wiki -FAQ

    What is GIO Frag-Fest? A monthly meeting for the online community. We communicate through the site on a daily basis, and we all love to game... yet getting together to actually play has always proven difficult, and this group helps! Different members might attend for different reasons...
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