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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

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    Frag Fest (Community Run): All Systems January 27th 7PM Eastern/ 4PM Pacific Hey everyone and welcome to the first Frag Fest of this year! While Eyros2k is off planning some awesome stuff for the rest of the year, I decided to host a community event that will encompass the major multiplayer platforms...
  • Forum Post: Re: Battlefield 3 GIO Events: Sign-up here! (Oct 25th @ Midnight / Oct 28th @ 4PM)

    Looking forward to playing some BF3 with the GIO community.
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    FRAG FEST 7 XBOX 360 Details The FF7 event is for GTA4 on 360 , DLC isn't a must but is appreciated/expands your options. Attendees and leads will be listed here in the next update: GIO/XBL GROUP Lead: Fever Ray ~ Akbirdman Azirik ~ Azirik22 Alek389 ~ ALEK 389 toxicmischief ~ toxicmischief Vela4331...
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    We've already seen alot from E3 and its only been 1 day. Battlefield 3, Brothers in Arms, Far Cry 3, Halo 4, Halo CE Anniversary are just a few games I look forward to playing with fellow GIO members. What games have been revealed and talked about that you're anxious to play in a future GIO Frag...