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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

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  • Forum Post: Brainstorming BF3 Challenges

    Hello Frag Festians, Warbuff here with a brainstorming session for y'all. In the future we will have another Battlefield 3 Frag Fest. And with 2.0 that means we need challenges. I've come up with a few of my own. Give me your opinions and ideas. Nothing too outrageous please. We want people to...
  • Forum Post: Just a heads up: Battlefield 3 for 20$ today only

    Seemed like something worth sharing, for anyone who may have traded in their copy prematurely or just hasn't picked it up at all yet, new copies of Battlefield 3 for 360 or PS3 today only on Best Buy - link below. 4/30 Deal of the Day
  • Forum Post: Private GIO Server on Xbox 360 - Coming Soon

    Greetings Battlefield players. Warbuff here with some exciting news. Now that server renting is live for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 I'll be securing a server for the Game Informer Online Community. I have enough MSP to rent a sever for 30 days and I'll let everyone know when its live. For a few...
  • Forum Post: Re: Battlefield 3 FragFest 9: Sign-up here! TODAY Oct 28th @ 4PM Pacific and all through the night!

    when dose the fest start
  • Forum Post: Re: Battlefield 3 GIO Events: Sign-up here! (Oct 25th @ Midnight / Oct 28th @ 4PM)

    Looking forward to playing some BF3 with the GIO community.
  • Forum Post: Battlefield 3 FragFest 9: Sign-up thread

    FragFest 9 Battlefield 3 Multi-platform TODAY - Friday October 28th @ 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) onward Sure to be one of the biggest events of the season, Battlefield 3 is less than a week from launch - and our planned FragFest is set for the first Friday after. If you wish to join in simply leave a comment...
  • Forum Post: Battlefield 3 Beta Players

    The Battlefield 3 Beta has arrived. If you are playing please let us all know what platform you are on and your alias for said platform. Xbox 360 Warbuff6644 eyros2k duckei Opfer der Seele Vela4331 CRAZYSKILLz213 arcangels126 alek389 Cyenide PS3 killinskull jerryv304 The_Gamer013 bioshocksurviver PC...
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