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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

E3 GIO Frag Fest Discussions

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  • We've already seen alot from E3 and its only been 1 day.  Battlefield 3, Brothers in Arms, Far Cry 3, Halo 4, Halo CE Anniversary are just a few games I look forward to playing with fellow GIO members.

    What games have been revealed and talked about that you're anxious to play in a future GIO Frag Fest?

  • I'm still playing catch-up. Ended up turning into a very busy afternoon/evening for me as well as this morning so far >:|

    Tell you what though, the holy trinity of multiplayer offerings are going to create quite the perfect storm this fall... three games all on their third iteration, Uncharted and Battlefield and Modern Warfare. I would mention Resistance and Gears as well, but... you know, had to be 3 XD

  • By far I am most excited about Battlefield 3. Every video i see I get more excited, I am not so sure about MW2, I loved COD for a long time but am not among the legions of folks who are started to grow a bit tired of what they offer. that being said I will probably still buy it, but not with the same enthusiasm as I do with Battlefield 3.

    Also I am very excited about how FPS will work with the Wii-u. I think that has some potential for taking FPS to a new level.

  • I guess we will have to all get Ghost Recon for the WiiU and have a bash at it. I agree about Battlefield 3 being my most anticipated shooter, too. (Though Gears 3 will still get some air time from me).

    Also, Skyrim!

  • Gears 3 will be whisking me away in all of its bloody glory, but battlefield 3, man. That is a *** nice looking game, hope to see a full multiplayer match on youtube soon. Been sort of playing catch up as well, but tommorow after noon it will be all E3 coverage for me, as well as on thursday. Hope to be discussing all of this during some matchmaking on friday (thursday is catch up day as I finish the Honest Hearts Fallout DLC, highly recomend.)

  • @eyros - Dang, I hadn't realized how many 3s were being released this fall.  Right now Gears and Battlefield are looking like Day 1 pickups for me.  The rest can wait.

    @FAMESREVENGE - I'm in the same boat with you about Battlefield and Cod.  BF3 is my most anticipated titles.  With COD I have no desire to own it day one.  I reserved MW2 and Back Ops; both were broken at launch and needed months of patching.  On top of that I just haven't seen anything shown about MW3 that has gotten me interested.  Same old same old

    @Vox Populi - The Wii U looks very interesting.  But before I commit to buying it I need to know what Microsoft and Sony have planned next.  Also I would need to actually play a shooter like Ghost Recon on the system first.  I'm impressed by the new controller but need to try before I buy.  Nintendo left a bad taste in my mouth with how disappointing shooters on Wii are with motion controllers.

    @Alek389 - I won't be able to join you Friday; or any day this weekend.  I'll be camping in Eastern Washington until Monday.  Reach out to other Frag Fest members and see who is available to join you.

  • For the life of me, I don't think I will ever understand the allure of Gears multiplayer, but I'll still play it with you guys x.x

  • The elure for me, eyros, is never having played it.  I was afraid to play GEARS 1 when I first got a 360 for fear of getting stomped.  With Gears 2 I heard it was buggy for a long time and just never bothered.  I've heard nothing but positive things about the Gears 3 beta so I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet in a competitive sense.  Of course we could always have a co-op horde mode frag fest.  :)

  • I still play the original Gears of War. The Multiplayer is amazing. I love the fact that you have one chance to stay alive.

  • The general sense of constantly threading through sludge, the radical change of turn radius from the only type of "run" there is built into the game, the insane amount of lead you need to pump into someone coupled with the unlimited use of an evade roll AND self revive mechanic... all of this adds up to a game that is played on two levels. The first being power weapons, the second being face to face shotgun roll battles.

    *stuck in a shrug pose* I've tried Gears 1 and 2 on a dozen different occasions, online and in fun LAN settings - it's just an abhorrible culmination of controls and mechanics no matter what way I attempt to look at. Beyond that - I try not to bring apples into a debate on oranges - since Uncharted 2 came out... that kind of stuff just isn't even excusable anymore. I was hoping that ANYTHING had changed for Gears 3... but when every previously mentioned aspect appears to be fully intact, ugh.

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