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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

Fragfest Direction

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  • Oh snap I forgot FragFests still existed. Is it going strong or are FragFest numbers dropping?

  • I'll try and be there for as many Fragfests as I can.



    Imagine how is touch the spy.


  • Warbuff retired?  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Yeah, I'd kind of forgot about fragfest for the past 8 months...

  • Rootin' for you here Stranger, or for the whole community really. It was pretty rad when the desire to get together for multiplayer was strong last autumn, perhaps we'll see a resurgence again when October/November roll in (pen me in for hosting a Warfighter launch event). Oh, Borderlands 2 as well in Sept... that will probably be a perfect game to help promote the group again.

  • I still try to make it to as many events as possible. But it's been pretty hard lately with my schedule.

  • Ugh...I really should keep my mouth shut, but I just cannot do it.

    First of all, I think it is wonderful that FragFest has found itself in a position to move ahead. I really do.  I certainly think that this event can be successful, and that it can be very much a part of this great community.

    I also feel that this could not have happened without the strong foundation left by the people who started it all, namely Eyros and Warbuff, I believe FeverRay(RavenK), was also instrumental at one point in making this event a success.

    That is what is kind of bothering me...this event has been successful, yet some of the comments I see here and in some blogs lead me to feel that the hard work Eyros and crew have done isn't as understood perhaps as well as it could be.  It is very much possible to reboot something by focusing on the potential positive future, it is not necessary to comment on the perceived  failed past.  Even when vaguely asked why, especially when vaguely asked why.

    FragFest could not be under new "management" without having former Leadership.  Events like this are extremely challenging to uphold over time, people have different schedules, different games, different systems, etc.  People have responsibilities, such as work, kids, and wives/spouses.  If something that was once very successful has "completely and utterly bombed", then there is likely a very good reason, and I feel that those type of comments should not be made without being put into some kind of context.

    I absolutely applaud Stranger, Blaze and anybody else who is trying to bring the entire community together, you know that I will do whatever I can to help.  It will take a lot of work, and a lot of luck to work out long term.  Of course, success to me could be as few as 2 gioers getting together and having fun.

    I don't know what I hope to accomplish here, I suppose it is to defend Eyros as I feel he is kind of getting a bad rap.  It is my understanding that yesterday's event went very well, I think that is awesome, I hope to see that continue. I am not the smartest person here by any stretch, so I could be completely wrong with my assessment.

    "You know nothing Jon Snow"

  • You're a sweetheart mojo, but there's really no need to try and paint me or my failed schemes in a different light.

    The highlight reels and promo videos, recap blogs and half-baked ideas were labors of love, and that all ran it's intended course. The decline of group could be linked to a number of things like you mention, but as far as I'm concerned my own self-induced burnout tinged the whole thing.

    FragFest has always been about the community as a whole, and the group can be just as much anyone elses as it ever was 'mine' if they have the drive to promote events and the follow through to get things running.

  • I've always still had interest in fragfest. But I'm usually busy and miss quite a few of the events. Also, only one event I ever took part in had a turnout greater than 3. But even so, I always enjoy playing with anybody who is willing to take part in an online match and I will continue to support this group,

  • Good stuff Stranger. Last I was in a FragFest was last summer and wondered where Eyros went and what exactly was FragFest 2.0 I'm just glad you're keeping it simple!

  • One thing I think would be good to add (if it already hasn't been) is for normal Frag Fest members to host their own events at any time.. I'm always looking for people to play certain games (old and new) with and always thought Frag Fest would be a great place to go looking for anyone interested.

  • What you're asking about is the main purpose of FragFest as a whole, Opfer der Seele. If you, or anyone else, has the gumption to play party leader for a play session - feel free to use the forum here as a beacon. Just make a new thread with all the details: Game, platform, date and time. Get together, do work, have fun.

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