Hello Frag Festians, Warbuff here with a brainstorming session for y'all.  In the future we will have another Battlefield 3 Frag Fest. And with 2.0 that means we need challenges. I've come up with a few of my own. Give me your opinions and ideas.   Nothing too outrageous please. We want people to be able to obtain proof as easily as possible. (taking a picture of the TV or saving a screen grab from Battlelog)

2 or more GIO members

  • Steal the dogtags of another GIO member
  • Snipe another GIO member
  • Using a vehicle, destroy the vehicle of another GIO member
    • We could make this more challenging, for instance shoot down a GIO member in a jet
  • 2 GIO members earn the air warfare ribbon as pilot and gunner in a Chopper
  • Complete X number of rounds for any gametype
    • Perhaps we could award it so this can be earned once for each gametype? Encourage folks to play multiple rounds on each gametype.
  • Complete a round where 1 or both GIO members earn a medal

3 or more GIO members

  • Be the top 3 players in a round (earning MVP 1, MVP 2, & MVP 3 ribbons)
  • Capture a flag in conquest with all 3 GIO members in the same tank. (I think its the Abrams that's a 3 seater)

4 GIO members

  • Obtain the ace squad ribbon
  • Have each squad member play as a different class. At the end of the round, have each person be Best Of for their class. (Verified via battlelog)
  • Win a Squad Deathmatch round
  • Win a Squad Rush Round


That's all from me for now. I'll update when I think of more.  Now its your turn!