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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

FragFest 2.0 is Live

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  • Since I know not everyone in the group keeps up with the blog section, I'm just gonna paste the content from the announcement blog right here for ya.

    Gooooood morning Game Informer Community Fra... alright that's just too much.

    But seriously, good day everyone! I have two bits of info I needed to share with everyone today... First off, I noticed a few weeks back that the FragFest forum hit 1000 posts :-O Even though the group has been largely dormant over the last few months it's still cool to see a landmark number like that - so, yay us! What I'm really here to post about though, is the finalized details on the group reboot for 2012, or "FragFest 2.0". You may have already read the last blog post which detailed the proposed new direction, (and heck, you may have never even heard of FragFest - check out our Youtube playlist of promos and highlight reels here) and since the feedback from that was largely positive or neutral, much of what was posted there has remained in effect. Down to brass tacks...

    FragFest Challenges are the backbone of the new format. Challenges are hand picked, game specific feats that, like achievements or trophies, consist of: A short title, criteria for completion and a payout value. Not all, but the vast majority of Challenges will require you to be with at least one other GIO member and to submit a form of reviewable proof of completion, i.e. screenshots, video, camera phone shots of your screen, etc.

    For example, this month we have Gotham City Imposters as a highlighted game. One of the Challenges for that title is called "Them! All of them!", which has the following criteria for credit "In a game with at least 8 players, have the end game line-up consist of all GIO members" If those conditions are met, then payout is given "8 chit to each GIO member in the lineup"

    Now, for every 10 FragFest Chit (FFC) earned over the course of the calendar year, you are automatically entered into quarterly prize drawings (specifics related to prizes will be revealed in the coming months) Because there will be prizes with actual monetary value on the line, submission of proof is paramount. There will be zero tolerance for anyone found submitting bogus entries. For PC players this is a simple matter, screen capture and free video recording software... but for console gamers who don't have video recording devices - just work with whatever you've got! If you've got any kind of camera, set it up centered on the screen for easy on-the-fly pics or have a friend/family member/animal ready to shoot on command. It doesn't need to be pretty, just legible. Note if a single submission validates multiple GIO members having completed the challenge, there is no need for each person to submit their own. All submissions should be posted to the secondary (bottom) forum in the FragFest group - unfortunately attempting renaming the auxiliary forum has not yielded any results.

    Challenges will be active through an entire month: Encouraging GIO users to get their own play sessions scheduled whenever works best for them, it's advised to post in the Official FragFest Group Forum for coordinating, so everyone in the group will be in the know and have plenty of opportunities through out the month to score some chits. (Note, users can earn up to a total of 30 chit per month.) Just make a post with your contact info (Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID/Battletag, whatever the relative point of contact for the game in question is) and say when you're usually playing, or if you have the intent to play during a specific time - during the weekends in particular.

    Keeping true to the original FragFest: There will still be a single scheduled event each month, now referred to simply as "The Main Event". Beyond having higher attendance, any Challenges completed during the main event will pay out double the chits. If you've already completed a Challenge prior the main event but do so again during, you will receive a second single payout to match a double payout, not receive a full double payout in addition to your first.

    New month, new games, new challenges: On the 1st of each month a brand new set of moderator approved Challenges will be posted within the group forum as well as through a member blog like this. Members are always encouraged to submit any ideas for highlighted games or specific Challenges, just remember all suggestions are subject to moderator approval (addition positions now open).

    Well, that's the groundwork - everything make sense? If you have any questions, suggestions or general thoughts be sure and leave a comment below. Let's move on to this months Challenges! (The selection of games and challenges were all chosen by myself this month. Pending public response, July will hopefully have at least 5 different titles each with at least 5 unique challenges - I need your help!)

    To celebrate the launch of FragFest 2.0, members who complete any Challenge in red below will earn a 10 chit bonus, getting their name in the pot for prize drawings right out the gate.

    Max Payne 3 - 360/PS3/PC

    Crew Life: Complete a game representing the Game Informer Online with at least one other crew member: 2 chit to each member.

    Feeling the love: Kill another GIO member - 2 chit

    Clean Sweep: Complete a gang wars match in which your team has won every round - 4 chit

    Shared Payne: Play as Max Payne and Raul Passos with another GIO member in a Paynekiller match - 4 chit

    Slow and steady: Reach rank 10 - 5 chit

    Additional Challenges will be added from community suggestions. Have any clever ideas? Post a comment below!


    Diablo 3 - PC only

    Curtain Call: Kill any Act ending boss with another GIO member - 2 chit for Normal, 4 for Nightmare, 7 for Hell, 10 for Inferno.

    Whimsey: Enter the secret level with another GIO member - 7 chit to each member in game.

    I Smell Treasure: Find an open 3 Resplendent Chest and Kill 2 Treasure Goblin with another GIO member in game - 6 chit to each member.


    Gotham City Imposters - 360/PS3/PC

    Them! All of them!: In a game with at least 8 players, have the end game line-up consist of all GIO members: 8 chit to each GIO member in the lineup.

    Eehhh Get Away, Get AWAAAY!: While demoralized, slap kill a GIO member of the opposite team: 5 chit and special bragging rights.

    Fumigator: Win a game of Fumigation with as many other GIO members as possible: 1 chit each for 2 players, 2 chit each for 3 players, 4 chit each for 4 or more players.


    Mass Effect 3: Free Rebellion DLC - 360/PS3/PC

    *Shieldwall Officer: Promote a character during the Operation Shieldwall weekend bounty: 2 chit without another GIO member in lobby, 5 chit with another member present.

    *Reprogrammed: Unlock the Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle, Ex-Cerberus Vanguard or Ex-Cerberus Adept: 1 chit without another GIO member in lobby, 4 chit with another member present.

    Alliance Shocktrooper: Full extraction from Firebase Jade or Firebase Goddess on Silver or higher with another GIO member in game: 8 chit to each member.

    Don't own any of the games on the list? Short on cash? Here's the score...

    If you're not already a GameFly subscriber, you should really check it out! I'm not going to hock the service, but honestly as a 3+ year subscriber I can't give them enough praise. If you can't do mail or monthly subscription services, maybe RedBox is an option? Maybe you've still got stores around that do game rentals?

    Or, depending on your standing at local GameStops, you can always go in and purchase a used copy of a game... simply returning it within 7 days and getting a full refund. I imagine if you never offer any real patronage you may encounter problems eventually however.

    Of course, feel free to suggest any games you do own along with some suitable Challenges as well. Older titles you can snag for under 10$ are plentiful, and free-to-play variety continues to expand in number and quality... some things to consider.

    June Main Event - Max Payne 3

    Sunday June 24th beginning at 1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern

    Mark your calendars!

    I sincerely hope the community will enjoy the new direction for FragFest - only time will tell. One last note, some of the group assets, like the Welcome thread or FAQ have yet to be updated for the 2.0 initiative - hoping to rectify that in short order. In the mean time, have fun out there fellas and dames - see you on the field!

  • I hope to try and join in as much as I can. The only thing that makes it difficult is, I usually can't keep up with all the new releases.




  • I will spread word of the events, and I will gladly host the Max Payne 3 event. Some challenges for the game I would suggest are....

    Clean Sweep: Complete a gang wars match in which your team has won every round (achievement tied to this)/ 3 chit

    Shared Payne: Have you and one other GIO member become Max Payne and Raul Passos at the same time in a Paynekiller match/ 3 chit

    Slow and steady: Reach rank 10/ 5 chit

    Nose to the grind stone: Fully complete one grind in multiplayer: 2 chit

    Feeling the love: Successively kill another GIO member: 2 chit

    Your doing awesome Eyros, keep up the good work :)

  • I am on it!

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