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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

Upcoming Max Payne 3 FragFest: Challenge Suggestions Thread

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  • Gooooood mor-er, afternoooon Game Informer Community Fra... alright that's just too much.

    But seriously, good day everyone - got two bits of info for y'all. First off, I just noticed as I was posting this thread that our forum has reached a total of 1000 posts :-O Even though the group has been mostly inactive over the latter of winter and into spring, it's just cool to see a landmark number like that! So, yay us.

    What I'm really here to post about is the impending release of Max Payne 3, and how stupid-radical-awesome it's surely going to be and how we need to get the community together for an event on launch weekend!

    Now I imagine not everyone has kept up with the new direction FragFest events are slated to take for 2012, so here's the jist: Several games will be chosen per month with moderator approved challenges posted along with them. Challenges almost all hinge upon playing with other community members, and can be completed any time throughout the month. There will however be a single main event each month for one of the games, this follows the conventional method of meeting up at a scheduled time during the weekend. For the full breakdown check out my blog on the idea.

    That said, here's my rough blueprint so far: May Main Event - Sunday May 20th beginning at 12:00 Noon Pacific / 3:00PM Eastern

    Aaaand... some challenges! But I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so I'm hoping the group might be able to draft some good ones!

    Anyway, just wanted to get this idea out there as soon as possible. I'll be back around to check on replies and hopefully have the event and challenges set in stone by next weekend (5/12 or so). Cheers.

  • hmmm.  I don't know much about the multiplayer. At this ,point I would be making generic suggestions about winning games with GIO members.

  • Suggestions,

    2 tickets for playing with fellow GIO members on FragFest,

    2 tickets for joining the GIO crew,

    1 ticket for designing a cool looking emblem and tag,

    8 tickets for ranking to level 10, 

    10 tickets for playing with a  RockstarDev.

    Other option is tickets for completing the story driven multiplayer aspects of the game.  8 tickets for completing. (Not sure if its kind of RDR co-op or something else.)

    Also which CREW are you going for, I say Rebels, outlaws to the end!

    • ALL-STARS -- The elite who strive to hit the top of the Leaderboards and want to play with and against the very best.
    • SOLDIERS -- Those who know the only way to win -- by showing your enthusiasm for teamwork ... Teamwork.
    • REBELS -- They’re here to get the party started or to ruin it -- sometimes both.
    • THRILL SEEKERS -- For those who prefer anarchic mayhem to ranking up and getting cheevos.
    • CHATTER BOXES -- For the gregarious socialites of the Rockstar Games Social Club. Shoot the gift.

    Hey Eyros2k , I'm planing on purchasing for PC, so I hope these challenges and further FragFest to be on PC as well. 

    Really hope this game derives some from the Elite Squad films. HOPING:>

    Here's to next 1000 posts. Keep up the hard work. 

  • Good looking out Vela, thank you. Heads up to everyone though, for the sake of keeping a uniform schedule, the first official set of challenges and a dated main event will be posted on June 1st. So stay tuned, and please give feedback/suggestions!

  • UPDATE! The GIO FragFest crew is now online! As far as I see these Rockstar Social Club crews have no single platform limitation, so anyone planning to pickup Max Payne 3 for 360, PS3 or PC is free to join. Yayay :D

  • Any updates on this? Will there be a MP3 Frag Fest this weekend?

    From what little I've played of Max Payne 3 I'm really lovin it, so I'd definitely show up.

  • FragFest 2.0 will kick off June 1st, which will include a Max Payne 3 main event and general challenges. The relaunch got pushed forward to better coincide with it's intended schedule of pushing out new sets of challenges on the 1st of each month.

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