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Xbox Live Jerks

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  • I consider myself a good friend on Live. I invite my friends to games, even though I never get a response and I'm usually not a trash talker to other players, unless they use a mod or something and glitch up the online play. However, Ive become a hater of the realm I include myself in! what do I mean? The people, yes, the people. Never once have I not heard someone trash talk on live or PSN. Now, I know every once in a while some Mr. Rogers type of guy comes on the forum and tells everyone how disappointed they are at society for their fould language.

    No, I'm coming straight at you all! QUIT IT!!! You know who you are, you know how to act. I've been called a *** over 500 times and I'm not even black! It doesn't make sense, and even so, why would you want to say it anyway! It's plain annoying! Just because you get to hide behind your mic, doesn't give you the freedom! In fact, it makes me want to kill you even more! It motivates me, to find you in the game and strike you down no matter the loss of team points.

    On MW2, some 8 year old kid kept knifing me, so I racked up a kill streak of 5 with his blood only. I made it my mission to see that creature taken down! and even though I was killed on my 7th streak point, I made sure that controlled bomb landed on his fat head! 

    All in all, everyone hates you, you're a joke if someone acts like that. It just makes us want to kill you, or simply leave the game and create lag for u and your idiot friends.


  • i dont know what it is. people find the time no matter what it is to just go out of there way and be an a-hole then have the balls no the depravity to say something like the n-word , or fu or f this. im trying to have fun here and people like this guy talked about really makes people eventually explode. to my fellow gamers, please just stop.  

  • Wow, looks like the trolls finally got to ya.

    Mute, carry on.

  • Ya I agree with eyros2k. It's just a push of a button or two and a couple joystick movements. These people are extremely annoying but they will exist forever. Not much we can do about it.

  • May want to visit one of my blogs...

  • http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/allaboutjane_blog/archive/2011/03/21/addressing-xbox-live-keep-playing-with-the-harassment.aspx

  • right on...

  • i don't know why people do that. its not very mature and pretty pointless. but then no one thinks before they act anymore until after the concequences. sorry that happens to you. i don't talk to people on xboxlive because i don't have any friends (except 1 but he doesn't have xbox live)

  • Sometimes pressing Mute isn't enough...

    Been There, Done That - Real Life Military Gamers


  • i hate game cheats/trolls thank god i don't have a mic and never listen to the chatter , i get mad enough just playing mw and getting killed likle 10 times in a row by the same guy *** i FRIGGEN HATE THAT WHERE ARE YOU  MR IKILLNOOBERS28465?

  • why not file a complaint? thats what I always do when some *** just wont stop runnin theyre mouths, much like u said, because theyre only talkin like that because theyre behind a mic and a screen.... it does get annoying, but seriously enough negative reviews for the same thing and a few complaints thrown in there, theyll be dealt with, Ive seen it first hand lol..... I have a friend who just goes on GTA 4 just to piss ppl off, the funny thing is what the ppl say back lol... I dont condone his actions, but he never uses the n-bomb and ***, unless hes doin the whole copy-cat thing and repeating what the other ppl say.... so needless to say enough negative feedback and your shiznit goes into suspension lol

  • First let's remember that there is such a thing as  healthy trash talking. The easiest way to combat people like this is to bring respect and honor with you when you play against everyone. Whenever I lose, no matter how badly it was or how close it was or how much s**t was talked I congratulate people on their victory. If you treat everyone you meet with respect, they'll be more inclined to do the same and so on and so on. If you want all the little s**t talkers to stop you have to start bringing as much respect as you can.

  • it's always fun to talk to people when you are playing on x-box live cause you could do so much with the person that you are talking to and no matter what they are saying to you just talk back to them and let them know whos boss.

    sorry to confuse you guys about my password. cause i couldn't tell which one to use so i just used my new one cause i actually have two of them not to mess any one up so any way so sorry.

  • I've been around awhile and I can say from experience that people get real f*cking brave when they are talking to some one over a headset or on the phone miles apart. It's just part of life and whenever I run into somebody like this on XBL or PSN I just make it a point to point out to them how much of p*ssy they really are for waiting till they get online to run their mouths to random people.

    You can tell to who the real men are online because they are the ones who show respect to the other players they have beaten and take their losses with grace rather than childish rage and name calling. If they don't shut up their always the mute option or going another lobby. I pay too much for my games and get precious little enough time to enjoy my online gaming to let some ignorant ass punks ruin my good time with their immature bullsh*t.


  • You got the right stuff brother


    To mean that nothing ... Where they would say something, and he would finish it, like he knew it!


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