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halo reach vs call of duty black ops

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  • halo

  • Halo Reach hands down/no question. Not even a contest.

  • Halo, because the storie line is so easy to understand, and learning about it is even better, but Call ot Duty, I got lost in Black Ops, that guy wasn't even real, he was just your imagination, and you killed that guy.

    (El Kevo signing off)

  • halos just more fun.... hands down, it has waaaay more games modes in the game and not to mention the ones u can dl (eg halo chess for instance) or make yourself... plus u can make your own maps, edit the other maps in the game, and the physics engine alone just makes it fun to stand there chuckin grenades at a 'hog and watchin the insane flips and jumps it ends up doin..... to be honest the only way to have fun in Call of booty black cocks is to just sit there and camp and kill ppl who run by and spawn camp with a helicopter otherwise its gonna be you on the other end of that.... and if I hear one more person say "well your connection speed is what determines if u shoot and kill someone first..." Im gonna punch them and ask how that connection speed was... why should it matter if the host has a slower connection then me, but yet I unload a rpks fully loaded extended mag into someone, while my friend was engaging them, and yet they kill me with a single 3 round burst that wasnt even a head shot.... to be honest, I never hear about ppl using mods or other exploits in halo to often.... but thats just me....

  • Well BLOPS is my least favorite COD and It's what has turned away my attention to the COD franchise so my answer is easily Halo. Also just in general, Halo Reach is a better game. You get hundereds of maps. Its only had to maps packs too. Even though these maps are all the same setting, they still provide a good changing battleground that we dont even have to pay for. Theres gametypes of all kinds that you cant find in other FPS games and that makes it wacky and enjoyable and refreshing. If your tired of shooting guys, you can go out and have a race, or go slay hundreds of covenant, or so many others things. Halo waypoint which is the COD Elite equivalent, is free unless of course you link your account to bungie, which is still way cheaper than linking to Cod elite. Overall reach cares about their fans more and it just makes it a better experience.

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