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The best Wii title ever played by yourself.

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  • I'd have to say Super Paper Mario. First off the game is really fun all around, and the way Nintendo utilized the WiiMote's capabilities as a spotlight to find hidden objects was challenging! Along with switching from 2d to 3d, that certainly added some zest to the experience! Overall it was challenging, fun and truly an original title everyone should play.    

  • I'd have to say blazing angels squadrons of WW11, but thats probaly gonna change with zelda skyward sword


  • Probably New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be considered my favorite game on the Wii. What I loved was that it was a new, longer, bigger, and arguable better take on the classic 2D side-scroller from 1985. This seems to be the perfect blend of the original 4 Mario side-scrollers.

    I feel that this is what Nintendo should've done for Mario's 25th Anniversary instead of Super Mario All-Stars. It would've made more sense due to it being a nostalgia trip to celebrate 25 years of Mario, but I digress.

    The only thing I didn't like about the game was that the multiplayer was annoying. I loved the concept of 4 players going through the game with you, but it got agrivating when you were trying to just go through the dang level and 3 other players are bouncing off your head, which could easily become fatal. However, it can be overshadowed when playing single-player.

    Overall, the game is an awesome game which is a great wink to diehard fans of the series.


  • i luv legend of zelda skyward sword, for me its the best in wii...lets see if another game can beat it in the near future but as of now, defenitly skyward sword


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