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Wii 2 Sales Will Suck

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  • Before all you fanboys and 12 year-olds start losing it, freaking think about it you dolts. NIntendo has made it where it is today by it's previous consoles, in a time where online game content, awesome graphics and mass mutilplayer capabilities were non-existent. In the first year, the Wii blew my balls off, now, it's sitting in the back of my TV stand. And it's not just me, millions of gamers have exclaimed their hate for the Wii thousands of times. It simply blows. I know I've bashed it a few times in this forum alone.

    Many of you may argue that the Nintendo was top in sales, I don't want to hear it, at a rapid pace Nintendo is losing fans and buyers. It brings into the question, where is the Wii 2? Why do we continually see Nintendo wasting their time, crapping out DS upgrades. The 3DS has a 3D screen, don't everyone get excited all at once. Although that might bring in a few buyers, is this what Nintendo is hoping will save them?

    A second console is their only hope, but think about it. The third-party support for Nintendo's follow-up console won't be as strong, even more so if Nintendo attempts to outspace the PS3 in power. And if it tries the emulate any one of the two consoles, it will fail due to timing.

    As far back as 2009, rumors suggested the company would offer a Wii that boasted HD capability in 2010. Subsequent rumors claimed a Wii HD release will occur in 2011.

    For its part, Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the possibility of offering a second Wii console. The company also did not immediately respond to request for comment.

    But given how nonplussed most folks were about the Wii prior to its release, betting against its follow-up before any concrete details emerge might not be the best idea. If you're going to do it Nintendo, then jump. Take a dive, because we're all getting tired of watching you dangle from the bridge.


  • I agree the Wii was better when it first came out. But, the 3ds looks like it has a decent bit of third party games for it already.

    Sometimes I wonder what this world is coming to.

  • I would agree, also I hate the dsi it's only a slightly better version of the ds lite. I ended up trading mine for a black Wii , which I'm currently using to play game cube games! You heard me Gamecube Games!  

    For more of what I think of the Wii check out my comment on the article over here   www.gameinformer.com/.../nintendo-explains-why-they-don-39-t-do-achievements.aspx

  • um... if that's the case, why didn't you just get a gamecube? They're much cheaper.


  • Interesting opinion. I think that what even Nintendo comes up with, it will probably revolutionize gaming again. But I never know...It might become another Gamecude, which was a great gaming machine but didn't do much of anything with revolutionizing.

    I think that Nintendo will always favor for families. Let's face it probably more families have Wii than Kinect and Move, mostly because the Wii is $200. Where Move and Kinect have extra consoles that need to be added.

  • Sorry if my post was confusing, but what I was trying to say was that due to the lack (and I know about the mario's and the zelda's...and donky kong) of content on the system I've resorted to playing Gamecube classics. Not that there any better than current Wii games but they don't cost me $40 either. note : I don't have internet access, I'm doing this on an iPhone , so any Wii-ware that's out I can't get it. My sincerest apologies, Wayne Strickland

  • I will reserve judgment until the next console's details are announced in full. I suspect Nintendo's next console will have graphical capabilities similar to the XBox 360, and retain motion controls in some form. As far as what the innovative feature of the console will be... well that is anyone's guess. Time will tell. Wait and see what Nintendo has to offer.

  • i heard they r gonna stop sellin wii 's

  • personally I think the wii 2 will sell beautifully. Because of one word nostalgia. mainly its what theve been making all there money from anyway. it doesn't take much to see it, from the classic reboots right down to the controller design, there to cater to people who were kids in the 80's. I dont hate the current wii, i really like it. but i do have some gripes that most all of you would agree with, such as a lack of an overflow of quality games, alienating online play, no HD. I have similar complaints about all the available consoles. Nothing is perfect, i get that. The point im making is any and all of the complaints that we have will and should be fixed on the wii 2 (or what they decide to call it). Doing that could possibly give everyone some reason or another to buy their new system.
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