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Top 10 NES Games

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  • If you are old enough, you played the NES. Here is my list of the top ten NES games. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing everyone elses list!


    10. Bionic Commando

    Bionic Commando was the first action game I ever had. It featured unique level designs and a great story. Talking to your commander through a comm link is strikingly simmilar to how Snake communicated with his peeps in MGS for Sony. The platforming was unique, combining simple jumping with swinging, thanks to your robotic arm. The game was challenging, but the ending was well worth the effort. Too bad the 2009 follow up was a disaster.


    9. Final Fantasy

    Before Square became the giant it is today and before Vivi ever made his first appearence in FFIX, the original Final Fantasy took me on a journey to another world. This game marked the first time I ever played an RPG and I was hooked. It was different from Legend of Zelda in that battle wasn't in real time, but turn based. This forced me to use my young brain and try to win battles using my brain, not by mashing the A button. Anyone who has enjoyed a FF title owes a debt of gratitude to Final Fantasy.


    8. Metroid

    I remember the first time I played this game, I was shocked to find out that I could go left. It seems silly now, but back in the good 'ol NES days, going left was as rare as an interesting season of American Idol. The open exploration in a linear side-scroller makes this game #8 on my list.


    7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    If you were playing NES, you were also watching TMNT cartoons. It would only make sense to purchase the same game. If you ever talk to anyone who has played this game, the first thing to come to mind is one particular level. The level underwater, disarming bombs connected to a dam wall. The game makes the list because, despite the title, the only resemblence to the turtles are, well, the turtles. I remember asking myself, "Why am I fighting fire ghosts?"

    6. Excite Bike

    Evenif you have never played NES, chances are, you know Excite Bike. It has been spoofed by Robot Chicken, slapped on Target tee-shirts, and acultrated into pop culture. It's hard to say why Excite Bike became so popular, but it is a game I have fond memories of. I don't think I ever competed in a race, but I spent hours building my own tracks. This game hits #6 because it is the first time level design was used in a commercial video game. Tenchu says thanks.

    5. Double Dragon

    Few things in life made me as giddy as the first time I grabbed a girl with a knife and kneed her in the face five or six times before throwing her punk ass to the ground. I'm talking, of course, about Double Dragon, the first co-op beat-em up I ever played. My friends and I had a ball walking around like a couple of BAMF's and smashing heads and taking names. It was as much fun as listening to a Canadian give a long speech.

    4. Megaman

    Magnetman, Sparkman, Dustman, Woodman, Geminiman, and every other man never saw him coming. Weapon selection and the most extreme platforming ever concieved comes courtesy of the Blue Bomber. Every boss has a weakness and therin lies the genius of the game. Is Woodman weak to Sparkman's weapon? Or, is Sparkman weak to Woodman's weapon. The strategy was genius and represents the first time I needed a stratgegy guide. My only question... why is the Megaman universe... all men? Then again, Frogwoman doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?


    3. Ninja Gaiden

    When I hear the name Ninja Gaiden, two things come to mind: 1. The amazing intro; and, 2. the first time my NES controller sailed across my room. Ninja Gaiden was the first game I truly hated but played for hours on end, just trying to get to the next level. Never in my life, to this day, have I ever tried snapping my controller in half, then when I played Ninja Gaiden. It remains one of the few games I have never beaten. Maybe I am ready for round two 20 years later.


    2. The Legend of Zelda

    Here it is, the birth of one of gaming's most famous and loved icons, Link. The first sandbox game I ever played and the first time I was ever forced to use some serious item management. The music, the gameplay, the graphics, everything that was to be a true video game was present in Zelda. It's influence continues to this day and was truly one of the first Groundbreaking games ever. It is on more lists than I care to know and has a fond memory in everyone's heart. If you never played, time to load it on the virtual console. I think everyone knows that #1 is...


    1. Super Mario Bros.

    Here it is, a game that has been played by every gamer, EVER. This game is pure, platforming bliss. From hidden blocks to power-ups, this game has it all. If you are holding a controller in your hands, if you are writing video game reviews, if you get excited about a video game, you owe it all to this plumber and an interesting cast of characters. If you have ever seen a "Game Over" screen, it is thanks to Mario. Regardless if you love Nintendo or hate it, you owe your gaming experience to Mario. Always imitated, never duplicated, Mario paved the way for all games. Even though better games have come out, they never would have existed without this title. Mario was introduced during a time when gaming was all but dead and thanks to this title, gaming was ressurected into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today.

    Bow down to the king...

    Please share your lists!

  • 1. zelda 1 or mario bros

    2. metroid


    4. mario 3

    5. mega man

  • Mario 3 is def a notible mention!

  • I thought the 1st TMNT sucked...

    And that's what she said.




  • I guess I'll just put this in random order.

    Super Mario Bros.

    Legend of Zelda



    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Punch Out!!

    Donkey Kong Country


    I dont know the rest

  • im surprised you chose the original super mario bros. instead of smb 3 (like everyone else)

  • In no particular order:


    Super Mario series

    Mega Man series

    Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

    Master Blaster

    Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Blades of Steel

    Tecmo Bowl

    Final Fantasy


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