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Music, games, and movies - you got a PSP because you are always on the go and always ready to be entertained. Take a break from your travels and share a few stories with some of these other media hogs.

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  • Forum Post: What is the worst RPG you have played on PSP?

    To me the psp is the home for RPG's for Playstation. It seems like every game that has come out here lately is just another JRPG. So with that in mind, tell what do you think the worst RPG put out for the psp in your opinion. For me it was Lunar silver star harmony I know it;s supposed to be a classic...
  • Forum Post: What mini is your favorite?

    I love the mini games they are wonderful. I am currently playing cubix, and it's worth a buy. Whats your favorite mini? My top 5 are: 1 foritx 2 pac-man ce 3 cubix 4 n.o.v.a. 5 a space shooter for two buck. hey thanks for reading!
  • Forum Post: PSP Game Night

    High, Ps3Altair here announcing an expansion to the popular PS3 Game Nights, PSP game night. Our first game will be Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron Online on PSP I'm PSPAltair (ha-ha, that was intended) So if you have Renegade squadron i will be hosting a game online for GI on the second...
  • Forum Post: What game should I get?

    I am looking for a good PSP game. I was thinking about getting Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, Resistance: Retribution, Motor Storm: Arctic Edge, or just wait for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I have God of War: Chains of Olympus, Madden 10, Rock Band: Unplugged, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron...
  • Forum Post: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

    I'm just looking for comments and stratagies people used to beat the demo's levels. I'm really lookin forward to this game. I've been let down a lot with psp titles this year, but I think we are ending this year with a bang! Check out the coop mode, and the link for this walpaper.
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