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PSP Update

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  • Ok so my psp is version 5.0 now and I'm trying to update it.  But every time I try: "Connection to the server failed.  A DNS error has occurred. [80410414]) keeps popping up.  Can anyone tell me what's wrong, I tried using google but everything just confused me more.  Also for some reason when I connect with my USB nothing happens, my computer won't acknowledge that it's plugged in or anything.

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  • unplug your battery.  for ten seconds. then reinstall the battery. then go to system settings. and restore default settings. do not worry you won't lose any games or game memory.

    Then re enter your internet data and you should be able to down load the updates.

    but it sounds like you bricked your psp. But do what i said and that should take care of it.

    thank goodness for those hostess twinkies

  • oh and make sure your wlan switch is in the active position.

    thank goodness for those hostess twinkies

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