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What game should I get?

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  • Final Fantasy 7 download, Nuff said

  • got resistance:retubution few weeks ago highly addicting try it

  • The PSP's the only Playstation I've ever owned, so obviously I've missed out on a lot of great series. So I was wondering which of the PS 1 Classics for the PSP I should buy. I love classic games, so some out dated graphics or the like don't bother me much, but out of the following I was wondering which best stood the test of time, and which work best on the PSP: Metal Gear Solid (The only Metal Gear Solid I've played in my life was the Peace Walker demo, but that was a lot of fun and I love stealth games), Silent Hill (I've never played a Silent Hill game but I hear they're really creepy), Final Fantasy 7,8,9 and Tactics (I've only ever played the 8-bit Final Fantasies but I loved them). If you have any other suggestions for PS 1 Classics, please share them, too, but I was most interested in which of these are best. Thanks!

  • I have peace walker - GREAT GAME. It's a ten hands down. Still, playing mgs3 should help you understand if you've never played the series or just watch the gameplay on youtube, thats what I did for MGS3. Peace Walker is game of the year, still havent beaten it yet.

    Ps1 classics

    I recommend bloody roar 2, Crash Bandicoot Warped, Spyro Riptos rage, Spyro Year of the dragon, Tomb Raider 2 and 3, Rainbow Six, Spec Ops Stealth Patrol, Resident Evil,  and Syphon filter 1 and 2. These are my favorite classics, I had most of these for my ps1. Have 3 of them on my psp. You may want to customize your controls and they take a long time to download.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

  • I would suggest the following games: Undead knights if you like G O W  and zombies it's right up your alley.   Hot Shot Shorties They are a bunch of little games and are fun as all get out. red and green pack are awesome.  A space shooter for two bucks. It's a mini but don't let that stop you it's great.   Pinball heroes the whole collection great time killers.   I hope that helps .

    thank goodness for those hostess twinkies

  • Well if you want humor games I would suggest  GEX 3 I love this game! A solid platformer. Crash 3 warped, is racing and platform combined.  Resident evil great zombie game.  R-types Come with r-type 1 and 2.  Megaman  1 and 2 are in the import section.

    Medievil is fun. bloody roar was a good fighting game. Dino crisis is like resident evil except they swapped dinosaurs for the zombies.    Grandia is one of the best RPG ever made.    And legacy of Kain is a kick butt game with kung fu vampires lol.

    thank goodness for those hostess twinkies

  • I am a HUGE Silent Hill fan... Played all of the titles. DO NOT GET Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It is the WORST TITLE. You don't even fight-you just run away like a pansy. They state that it is a redux of the Original but the only thing that seems to be similar is the father figure, little girl, and certain landmarks in the game. Blech.

    PLUS it is so glitchy that I would get really frustrated.

    The worst part? No lead pipe!

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