Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is the recommended game to buy or rent for the Month of August. The following choice is an obvious one because of it's cheap price ($20) and the easy 100% that can be done in less than a week if you play constantly.

Most of the trophies require you to get to a certain score or a certain level in which can easily be done by putting the code for level select or increase you're life plus the addition to save and load at you're will.

The only two trophy that's hard to get is the trophy for Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M. in which you have to complete the whole game but if you rather use the code to get to the last stage then you are in for a hell of a final boss fight if you don't save when you have to (Gold Trophy is rewarded upon beating the last level). The other hard trophy is for getting 20,00 points in easy(don't be fooled) in Columns. So if you are not familiar with Tetris and if you don't save often then this Bronze Trophy will be a bit harder than it is.

The Collection includes a couple of RPG's like Phantasy Star 1-3 & Beyond Oasis just to name a few. don't worry about the RPG's having any trophies because they don't except for Beyond Oasis in which you have to unlock the water spirit (First 10-20 minutes in the game and the Bronze Trophy is unlocked).

Conclusion: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is fun and even more fun if you had a Genesis System in the past. I suggest that you rent this game for a weekend if you do not have anything to do and if not then go buy it.

- Difficulty- 4/10

-Offline Trophies- 35

-Online Trophies- 0

-Time to complete- 10-20 Hours