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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Abandoned Dreams

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  • I bought Hyperdimension Neptunia awhile back for my gf. She played it for about 15 min. and declared that the game was awful. I don't like games I buy go to waste, so I strated playing with the intention to plat it because it didn't seem to be hard. I personally think that game is about a 1 out of 5, and after finding out I would have to beat the game twice to get the plat, the intention to plat it was abandoned.

    Now, I didn't really care about getting the plat for that game, but it got me thinking about other games I had every intention on platting and abandoned.

    My biggest one was Call of Duty Black Ops. There were two things that made me abandon that plat. I was playing the game on the hardest difficulty. I made it to ch. 5 (I think, the one with the bunker in vietnam regardless) but it kept freezing near the end. To this day that baffles because me because the disc is in like new condition and my ps3 has only ever frozen on two other games, and only very rarely. I did that mission at the very least 20 times and ended up with the same result. The 2nd reason, a few days after the freezing debacle my nephew came over and brought his ps3 up. We got my other two nephews and started playing zombies on the Pentagon level to try and nab a few trophies at once. After a few "practice runs" we were in sync and dominating. I had to buy two more guns, everyone was kicking butt, we were wailing on the pentagon thief who just showed up for the 2nd time and hadn't touched any of us when suddenly...the power went out for about 12 seconds. Disheartened, none of us wanted to try again, and I took it as a sign that I'm not supposed to plat that game.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had a game they were gonna plat and never did?

  • Great post man. That sucks so much about that power outage...damn.  Hyperdimension Neptunia, my brother got a copy from the developers sent to him for free and he said it was alright. Its not something I want to play though.

    The only Platinum that I think I ever abandoned was ACII. I was working on getting the feathers but I lost my entire save data. I forget how it happened since it was a long time ago. I didn't want to replay the game so I quit on it and haven't touched it since. Something similar is with Syndicate. I looked at the trophies and thought they wouldn't be too rough and the plan was to get it and take turns playing it with my girlfriend, who only really likes JRPGs and Western RPGs. I was trying to expand her genre of gaming and since the original was a classic I thought it'd be fine. I then looked at gameplay and was like; oh boy this might be ugly. So instead of playing on my profile and having a trophy collection of 4% I decided we'd play on hers first just in case the game wasn't good.

    I played 3 online matches and the singleplayer for 2 hours and my girlfriend played the same amount as I did and we both hated it. I took the disc out of my PS3, put it in its case and returned it to Gamestop the next day. That's one of the very few games I've ever returned to the store that's on my PS3.

  • Oh, what I have up. I almost gave up on Skyrim, AC2, and heavy rain, but I did beat it. I don't know of anything I abandon, but borderlands and spec ops plat are in the corner.

  • I gave up on keeping the low % trophy collections out after my nephews put about 8 games on there that now sit anywhere from 0-4%. Maybe its more, I haven't counted. I have the batman games sitting off to the side myself. I have most of the story stuff, but I don't enjoy those fighting trials and crap at all.

  • LittleBigPlanet. The Play trophy stopped me from getting it- Finish all levels without dying. I made it maybe halfway through the singleplayer and I died. Then the create trophy which you have to have a level that you created be hearted by 50 people and you have to be published by 30 people.

  • I still have hope for LBP. I'm just not going to go any further with Play until I get the create trophy. I put up a level about a year ago and have 2 hearts on it I think. If its not 2 hearts, I'll have to go beat up a nephew though.

  • You can boost those. Have users on your friend list heart you as an author and your level.

  • Boosting is no fun. Besides, I only have 4 or 5 friends with LBP anyway.

  • I typically don't boost but sometimes its a last ditch effort. With those LBP trophies you just gotta hope people really like your levels.

  • Boosting is a b*tch! Had to do that for AC BROTHERHOOD MP it was....very annoying.. still fun..in its own way!

    Abandoned...I have a few games!

    Black Ops 2 - MP SUCKS! So it makes me not want to even attempt the Single player

    Battlefield 3 - Recently tried JUST for the MP didnt like it so ill be gettin CoD Ghosts  

    MAG - Just a bit borin  now that NONE of  my friends have it anymore

    Fairy Tale Fights - Borin.. have to play it  times on different modes cuz trophies dont stack?! And theres an MP mode?! Kill yourself

    Fallout 3 - TOO MUCH LAND I dont even know if Im going in the right direction

    Bioshock Infinite - LOVED the Last 2 played them about 200 times this one i jsut dont wanna plat there are NO choices in this game NO alternate endings, and 2K tweaked the hell outta this game the gameplay footage from before was BEAUTIFUL! Now it a mess I dont wanna deal with!

    Far Cry 2 - I think i abandoned this cuz it was my FIRST first person shooter my friend let me borrow and i didnt like the feel of it lol I may get it again idk!

    Catherine - Its STILL in its collectors edition box WITH the wrapping around it under my bed! All i know is once i put it in Im NOT going to finish it!

    Prob more thats all off the top of my head...

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