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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Work and Play

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  • I'd go with Rising, since its a new game and if you are already buying than why wait? I'm getting it too but its probably going to be a game that I really take my time with and take long breaks from it. I'm never just playing one game since I'm always looking for older game to buy that I missed out on or replaying games that I've beating.

  • I feel you bro. I'm consistently looking for older games for my library, but when will we get the time to play them with these new games coming out every two weeks. I picked up Metal Gear Rising this morning. The good thing is I still fell the urge tom plat Dead Space so at least I know I am in control, yet while at game stop I stocked up on a bunch of cheap ps3 games to beef up my trophy collection. I'm sure all I really did was buy a bunch of games I'll stare at for some time while I enjoy newer gaming experiences. By the way, my PS network name is iKiKuNuT420. Send me a friend request whenever

  • I got Metal Gear today too, I haven't started it yet because I also got a huge box of 30 randomly selected anime dvds in the mail today, so I've been checking that out. I'm hoping to start it up tomorrow but I want to continue Spec Ops and go for a Platinum run after I unlock the hardest difficulty. I was going to try and plat AC III but after just beating it I probably won't because I didn't really like it. I'm also taking a break from Ni No Kuni, its a good game but I need to make time for Metal Gear.

    I'll send you a friend request next time I'm on. If you get a request from a jaejjm2410, it'll be me.

  • After playing Metal Gear Rising for a few hours I went to gamestop and traded it in for borderlands 2. Metal Gear Rising made me sick to my stomach. The only thing good about that game is the graphics, which are flawless. The combat system, sound/music, story and voice acting are terrible to say the least. Some players might find it highly entertaining. If your a fan of previous Metal Gear installments, you will be disappointed. Current quests for platinums remain the Dead Space franchise, Fallout 3 and now borderlands 2. How's the Spec Ops plat coming for you?

  • About to say, borderlands 2 is a lot better. Borderlands 2 is also on my list to try to platinum it. For now, I'm working on platinuming Skyrim. 11 more. If you ever need help on borderlands 2, give me a call. My name is umwrdrmekzac6.

  • You didn't like it, huh? Its decent, I'll give it that but I haven't come close to beating it yet. I'm on this boss fight that's pissing me off and I rage quit and haven't picked it back up yet. 7 out of 10 at the highest, a buddy of mine loves the game though. I hate the friggin' parry system in it too.

    Spec Ops is coming along, its on halt right now due to Tomb Raider and Silent Hill: Downpour. I'll pick it back up soon.

  • I see. Hope it's going good for you j. How many trophies did you get on DMC? Just wondering.

  • I have DmC on the 360. But to answer your question I only got somewhere over 20 achievements. The 360 doesn't tell you your percent nor does it have a platinum or a special achievement for unlocking everything. I didn't get too many of the achievements because most of them require you to go outside the lines and I just played through the game relatively quick.

  • Thanks Juanolo. I will definitely hit you up for help with borderlands 2. It was a personal decision to take back metal gear. I am still in the hunt for the Dead Space plat. Its incredibly hard on impossible mode. Sorry to hear about spec ops, but I completely understand. Every night I have to choose between Dead Space 1 & 2, Borderlands 2, God of War: Ascension and Fallout 3.

  • Oh. That is hard. I'm trying to decide what to do now. I just beat Bioshock Infinite Saturday, and deciding rather to dive back in, head back to plat run on Skyrim, try to plat another game, or play another game? I don't know. Of course, when my games I p,ay next voting is done, I'll play that game. What do you think Metalkor and J?

  • Well it depends on what other games you have in mind. I'd go with Skyrim and try to knock out those remaining trophies.

  • That's what I'm probably going to do. Also, my brother and I are also trying to prestige on BO2. I really like its multiplayer. Plus my brother really likes the game so its fun playing with him. It's also hard to put Bioshock infinite down. Skyrim is probably what I'm doing though.

  • Every time I try and finish Spec Ops on FUBAR, something comes up. First Tomb Raider, then BioShock Infinite and now Resident Evil 4 and more BioShock Infinite. I will get it done though lol. Deadly Premonition Director's Cut is coming soon then Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. So many games going on at once.

  • I know it's hard. I am interestd in Blood dragon. Looks insane. Speaking of that, how's it goin? How much longer you got? I just need 2 more in Skyrim. I'm taking a small break thought. Going on a small trophy run.

  • I think I'm 5 away not including the Plat. There is one more story trophy that I need, and I'm almost at that point. I have 3 more Intel to find, then I need the Airspace Control trophy, so I need to kill a few more rappelling enemies. Then the Sierra Hotel trophy which is impossible to get on FUBAR so I'm just going to play the first 3 levels on easy. And last but not least the trophy for beating the game on FUBAR. I'm on Chapter 13, I think, and its a pain.

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