If you're trying for Dishonored with the non-lethal approach watch for shooting people near edges with the crossbow sleep bolts. I've had people fall about 8 feet and die because they slid off of it. Also, at the very beginning of the game b4 prison, don't kill those guys. You can block the whole time and be fine. I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure I didn't kill anyone the rest of the game besides those guys and missed the trophy. I found out later you could just block.

As far as the Ezio triliogy goes, the only one that's really troublesome is Brotherhood. That is the only one I don't have platted because of one multiplay trophy. I'll put it this way, I could play Wanted get 1st place and not die once, but hunting that trophy, I just couldn't get it. I might be able to if I'd go back and hunt the crap out of it, but I'll probably end up just getting some buds and boost it at some point. Abstergo Employee of the Month is the trophy and "Extreme variety - earn 15 different bonuses" is why I can't get it. You also might want to note, I played the multiplayer for about two weeks and only went back to it a couple of times.