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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.


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  • If you are looking to get plats, you should probably avoid Crysis 2. They aren't exactly hard, but I've read a good bit of them are kind of buggy. Also, there is a trophy called Dedication (Play a match 6 months after your first match.) Not a hard trophy, but it will take awhile. I want to think I saw somewhere that you should log in on the first of every month for those 6 months to lessen your chance of it bugging. Assuming you don't have any problems with the trophies it will still take 6 months to plat, so it won't be fast by any means. As far as the game goes it's not bad. I like it. I'm not trying to say the game is bad or it's not worth playing, just to be aware of the trophies if your going for the plat.

  • Thanks for the heads up, but I'm not into shooters. Good luck though.

  • You might be able to cheat and change your calender on your system, but that is cheating and it will not be tolerated...Don't get any funny ideas. I have Crisis 2 and I only played the multiplayer, I didn't care much for the campaign and stopped it within 2 hours or so. Happy trophy hunting!

  • Actually, I don't think you can. It has to do with their systems which is part of the trophy problem. At least thats how it sounded. Thats why they said you should log in on the first of every month because thats when they check or something like that. Honestly I probably won't try platting it for awhile. I played the first one and really liked it, but when I started playing the 2nd one it was just kinda ehh...

    You can bet your butt If I decide to plat Batman AC I'm gonna change the calender. I swear, I always think about getting on between holidays, but every time they come up I'm too busy or forget about it. I've had the game since before Christmas and haven't caught a one.

  • The above post about Batman Arkham City refers to the Storyteller Trophy where you have to talk to Calendar Man on New Years, St-Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, April Fools, Mother's and Father's Day, Independence day, August 16th (not sure what holiday that is), Labor Day(Crap I just missed it. This is what I meant), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The dates change depending on the year. There is a calendar next to Calendar Man you can refer to for the dates. Info for those of you not familiar with this trophy or are trying to get it.

  • Wow, that sounds more like a nuisance then a trophy.

  • It's worth it for his stories.

  • Right now I'm going for the Star Wars The Force Unleashed plat. I'll tell you right now the prologue when you're Vader is your best friend. You can get most of the non story related trophies at a point where wookies keep spawning in that lvl. It will be on a bridge right after you see a tie fighter take out a different bridge. Also, for the Sith Master (you have to beat the game once to unlock the Sith Master difficulty) trophy you have to start an entirely new game so you can do the prologue on that difficulty. Unfortunately that means you don't get to keep your upgrades or anything. There are cheat codes you can use so you can play Sith Master difficulty on your first playthrough and also you can put cheats in a specific way so its like you're completely lvled up. I can't tell you those cheats though because I'm just going through normally.

    Also, does anyone know what the August 16th Holiday is?

  • French Independence day, maybe?

  • I went to plat Demon's Souls, but got distracted by Dark Souls. Of the two I believe Dark Souls is easier to Plat because you don't have to mess around with World Tendency(It's a little complicated, probably just best to look it up on the wiki). If anyone is planning on Platting Demon's Souls and wants to have the online avaliable, you should probably get on that. The servers were due to be shut down, but because of player interest and "other developments" they have decided to keep the North American servers online for the "foreseeable future". From what I read it sounds like they'll keep them up as long as there is consistent user activity. I personally enjoyed the game alot, and if you want to enjoy the online side of it you should probably get into it soon. You don't need to worry about having online to plat it though, so if you would get into after the servers shut down you can still plat it. Also, if you look up about the world tendency and are playing the game I believe they have a Black World Tendency Event on Halloween. Now let's see if I remember to get on Batman Arkham City while I'm at it.

  • I got side tracked from Dark Souls by Dishonored. It's a good game;  kind of short though. I beat it twice already. There is a trophy on there called Clean Hands where you have to get through the game with out killing anybody. Luckily there is a summary after every mission that will tell you if you did this or not and it gives you the option to replay if you didn't. There is one exception however in the prologue there are a couple of people you can kill they don't tell you about in a summary. You might not even realize that you do, so It's best not to attack them. Seeing as there was a summary after every mission I thought nothing of it since it was a prologue. Honesly it seems like these are the only people you should kill in the game. I advise not attacking them at all. I was quite bummed to not get the trophy after doing every mission without killing anyone except the people in the prologue.

  • Dishonored is a real short game from what everyone has told me. I still haven't beaten it but I don't play it everyday. On the don't kill anyone trophy you can make it so that the guards shoot themselves and it doesn't go against you.

  • Would you know if you knock someone out and they slide off a roof if it counts as a kill?

    Also, if you are taking a stealthy approach it can take awhile. If you just run around and murder the crap out of everyone it's real fast.

  • I don't think it does, it shouldn't at least . I like to mix it up with stealth and combat, I killed someone within 10 minutes of the game so I thought, I'm might as well not be completely stealthy since I can't get that trophy. (actually I have it on my 360 so it's an achievement)

  • Assassin's Creed III has some bugs. I think with the last patch they fixed most of them though. If you're like me, and don't much care for the multiplayer but want the plat there's a mode called wolfpack where you can get most of the multiplayer trophies.

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