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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Your Most Difficult Platinum

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  • Pretty easy to get the concept of this thread. What was the most difficult platinum that you have earned in your collection. Why was it so hard?

    I've earned over 30 platinums across my 2 PSN accounts, and the ones that require beating on a really hard difficulty or to do things like "Kill 5 enemies with one explosives" are more annoying than anything to me. The ones that have been the absolute worst to me required another person.

    I can defeat the Challenge of the Gods no problem but having to get the trophies in LittleBigPlanet, specifically "Create", takes me ages and I have no direct control in earning it. Even more problematic was the Modern Warfare 2 one, which requires another person to complete some of the Spec Ops missions. Sure, it's easier because you have someone to pick you up if you fall, but it's also a ball-and-chain.

    So, pretty much, I hate multiplayer trophies, unless it's done like Uncharted where you only need to play one game, and co-op ones I can tolerate.

    Um, I guess the quick answer is that Modern Warfare 2 is my most painful platinum that I've earned so far. >.<

  • I have 6, but the most difficult would either be madden 12, heavy rain, or far cry 3. These are pretty easy platinums, but there were a few that were a pain in the butt. If I platinum Skyrim, it will easily be the most difficult platinum. Just 4 more trophies.

  • I have 22 plats, and the hardest for me was Blur. It might not have been too bad when it first came out, but nowadays the multiplayer trophies can be brutal without having people to help you.

    Doing the campaign trophies aren't horrible, but there are a few trophies where you have to at least be good at the game and have a little luck.

    The multiplayer is what makes this bad. Not many people play it anymore, and the ones who do usually dominate. If you can get into a match you need (You have to win multiple race types online which don't always have enough people in lobby) you have to hit certain requirements as well as win. In addition there are objectives you have to meet such as be in first, get in last, then finish the race in first. It probably wouldn't be bad if you have people to help you get them.

    In addition, you need to win a 4 player split screen match which means you need 4 controllers to plat it. (I believe I read somewhere rock band equipment might work with it if you have it) You also need someone on your friends list that will do campaign challenges with you. I know it took me 3 weeks of playing nothing but this game for me to get the plat.

    P.S. I can understand how mw2 was hard. I was lucky enough to have a nephew that basically lived at my house who is now better than me at fps games, and it still took a while for me to get the plat.

  • Hmm, probably inFAMOUS for all the stupid stunts that took years to actually work.

  • I have 8 and the hardest one of the bunch is probably Bioshock. Beating the game on Survivor without using vita chambers was pretty hard.

  • I have 17 platinums, and the hardest one for me was probably God of War III, although none that I can think of were particularly hard. But God of War III was very frustrating at times, making it my hardest platinum.

  • Probably inFamous, because on Hard Mode is freaking hard.

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