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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Work and Play

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  • I know, I have the season pass downloaded and I can't wait for the DLC. On a side not; I just downloaded Blood Dragon, Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut, and I got Injustice. So I'm looking to increase that trophy count. 2,000 is where I'm heading. I still need to finish up Dead Space Extraction too.

  • Yeah I'm trying to get 2000 to. Still finishing Skyrim and spec ops up. Thinking about getting blood dragon.  Probably will.

  • I'm at 1,800 right now, so I'm getting close. Blood Dragon is fun. It plays exactly like Far Cry 3 but its completely crazy. You should like it. One more level in Dead Space Extraction than I'm done. Still need to start up Injustice too, busy busy busy lol. Anyone else have Injustice?

  • No, but I know TheSniper does. I got 1553. I still got ways. Still trying to platinum Skyrim. 1 more trophies. Wish I could play more but I'm also busy. I do want to get Blood dragon, but need some money. I'm also thinking of getting the first mass effect, and renting God of war 3/ Ascension. I never got to play it on my PS3, and I promised my bro so Ill need to get that done. Off course, the whole gaming world for me will almost be closed on June 14. I'll be playing the heck out of Last of us. Hope trophies won't take to long so I might platinum it. Plus by the end of the year, I want to get my 10 th platinum. I have 6, close to 7, so I'm close. I'm happy I get off for summer vacation soon. Man oh man. So much games in so little time.

  • That's how it was in 2011. By the end of the year I was packed with so many games. So many came out in November and October. I spent hours trying to play them all. The one thing I miss about going to school is the summers off. I usually had a part time job but it was great to have 3 months off from school. Are you still in school or are you on vacation? I think colleges are done...

  • In school. I get off either the 24th or 28th. Yeah in 2011, I had to go to GameStop 5 weeks straight o pick up games. It was hectic. It was pretty fun though.

  • I finished up Blood Dragon and I got half of the trophies and I'm satisfied with that. I doubt I'll get the other ones I'm missing. (it has no platinum) I was able to reach the level cap which was pretty easy. Overall, a fun game. Now I can finally start up Injustice.

  • That's good. I just bought it, and its downloaded. I'm just still playing Fuse. It's really fun. I think I'll start blood dragon today though.

  • I was very impressed with the Fuse demo. That might be a game I have to buy, I always like good co-op games.

  • I know it was really fun. I just played Blood dragon. Man it was a blast. It was really fun. The trophies don't seem that hard so I'll try to get them all.

  • I really enjoyed it. I just don't think I'll go back to it for awhile.

  • I'm still playing it because I almost got 100%. I'll get that, and then plat Skyrim. I'm Lvl 46 and I need to be 50. After that, another plat. I'm also going to try Fuse out. Then I'll watch the E3, and finally play the heck out of last of us.

  • Sounds like a good plan. I hope to get Fuse but it might be after a price drop, I really liked the demo. I just plan on hitting the backlog after E3 until August when more games start to release. I pre ordered Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs, plus I'll add Beyond to that list, so I have a good while until the games I'm excited for to come out.

  • Yeah. I mean after last of us, it seems we have to wait 3 months for GTA V. Though I might try the new splinter cell game. Still, a big break. Then games are going to come out close to each other, and then the PS4 arrives. I'm excited to get it, but sad for my PS3. I mean I'll still play my PS3, but the PS4 will be alot better probably. Speaking of the PS4, what game on that are you most excited for on the PS4?

  • Probably the new Killzone or InFamous. Watch Dogs too, but I'm not sure if I'm getting that on PS3 or 4. The new Splinter Cell looks good. I'm waiting for price drops during the summer too, since Gamestop does that a lot. So, I'm waiting for a good deal to get God of War: Ascension, Dead Space 3, and Metro: Last Light which I think looks good.

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