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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Work and Play

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  • Good luck. Whenever I try it on FUBAR, it will probably be a pain as well. I can't wait to hear the trophy list of blood dragon come out. Also wonder how long it will be. The trophies on far cry 3 were pretty easy. I predict it will probably be 6-8 hours. What do you think J?

  • The 6-8 hour mark sounds about right. I think Undead Nightmare was around 5 hours and Festival of Blood was only 3 at the most. But this one seems like a bigger stand alone DLC than those other two, The achievement list has been leaked. Most of them are for finding all items and finishing all side quests. So in this one you have to do everything to get a trophy. No Platinum because its stand alone DLC.

    Here is the achievement list. They are the exact same as the trophies except no Gold, Silver, or Bronze. I can't believe they don't have a special achievement or anything for unlocking all of them.


  • Well that answer my question. Thanks J. I wish it did have a plat. That will be a easy plat. I just watched the new trailer for Beyond: Two souls. The game looks great. I wonder if the trophies on that will be as easy or harder as the ones on heavy rain? They'll probably be pretty easy.

  • Stand alone DLC never has platinum's. Same thing with most download only titles. I'm extremely excited for Beyond: Two Souls. From the top of my head I'd say that's my most anticipated game from this year, since BioShock was already released. That and GTA V are at the top of my list. The trophies might be along the same line as Heavy Rain's. Just story trophies and taking different paths.

  • Yeah I know. This is my second anticipated, and GTA V is probably 3rd. I'm most excited for last of us. I think though that both beyond and last of us trophies should be pretty easy.

  • I lost some excitement for The Last of Us, to be honest. I haven't been keeping up with the trailers and reveals as much as I thought I would.

  • I'm the opposite. Not saying you wrong, just saying I'm excited. It's probably the game I'm most excited for because I remember seeing it revealed, and see it grow from there. I'm tell you it looks like my type of game. Great graphics, great story/voice acting, and an intense gameplay that's going to keep me on my toes. I can't wait. The game though in the past week that easily escalated for me is Beyond 2 souls. I mean it looked good, but this past week, it looks spectacular. Heavy rain was great, and this looks even better. GTA V I'm really excited, and I'm curious to see what they do to the story. I mean lets face it, it looks great, will probably be a blast to play, but I'm wondering about the story. I mean GTA is a older franchise, and I'm not sure how much new ideas they have I wish the best. If I had to do a Anticipated game of 2013( Not including Bioshock Infinite) it would probably

    1. Last of us

    2. Beyond: Two souls

    3. GTA V

    4. Battlefield 4

    5. Splinter cell: Blacklist

    Honorable mention: Batman Arkham origins(more info)

    What's yours J? Any games you think are getting to much? For me, I'm sad to say but Assassin's creed 4 black flags. I know how you are about AC, but I thought 3 was great, and I thought they should stop from there. The ending made you think they would stop. This pirate thing, I'm not sold. It looks pretty good, but this might be a small flop. I hope it's not, but its looking like it might. What do you think J?

  • Is anyone else going to jump in the discussion with us? lol

    My absolute most anticipated from this year was BioShock Infinite but since that game has released my new number one is:

    1. Beyond: Two Souls- I really can't wait for this game. I love an emotional story driven game and this looks to blow most games out of the water. The fact that it takes a step back from shooting bad guys or aliens or whatever and focuses on dialogue is great. When David Cage said it was going to be a dark, emotional, mature storyline I knew it had great potential.

    2. Grand Theft Auto V- These games are a blast to play and this one looks beautiful. As for the story, Rockstar is changing the approach with this one. 3 different characters with their own story to tell and experience. They are working to make this a better storytelling game.

    3. Watch Dogs- Everything I've seen for this looks promising. It just looks like there is so much to do with all the power you have in the game. I think it looks great and its going to be one of the first games I get on PS4.

    4. As of now probably Soul Sacrifice (because I like JRPGS) or Splinter Cell.

    5. Toss up Between Battlefield 4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall if that comes out this year.

    I'm also very excited for The Evil Within which will probably come out in 2014. Its from my favorite genre being Survival Horror.

    Games I'm tired of is, yes AC since yearly releases are ridiculous and Ubisoft lied when they said they were taking a few years off from the series and COD. Never cared for the series and I'm burnt out from hearing about every game every year. I'll really have to think about other games that I think should take a few years off.

  • I know. Come on guys. Join in if you want! :). Anyways, yeah I really like COD, but it really needs to stop, or take a long break. Please, that would be great. Yeah those are the 2 series that I think should stop or take a long break.

  • I'm not too crazy for the franchise. Mainly because I can't stick with just multiplayer for a long time. The only games I can really play hours of online is Battlefield and Killzone. I just really prefer singleplayer or co op games.

  • I know. That's how I am. For me, I would rather be blown away with a great story, then a addicting multiplayer. What I hope strt happening is less crappy online multiplayer. Not all games multiplayer is bad, but there's alot where it's bad. I mean did spec ops the line, and tomb raider doesn't needmultiplayer. I don't think last of us needs a multiplayer. I just hope last of us doesn't follow spec ops and tomb raider by creating a crappy multiplayer. I bet if those games didn't have a multiplayer, they'd get better reviews. I'm just hoping last of us doesn't continue the trend. I'm telling you though, this is going to be one of the greatest game of year races yet. I mean I think the final 4 will be Bioshock infinite, Last of us, GTA V, and Beyond two souls. I have seen all the trailers, and played one, and I think they will be amazing. Can't really say which is the best because I've only played one. I'm just freakin excited for these games.

  • Multiplayer does play an affect on scoring a game because its part of the whole game. Could have Tomb Raider and Spec Ops gotten some better scores if it weren't for the multiplayer? Yes. I'm very happy that BioShock Infinite didn't have multiplayer because that can take away from the main game. Ken Levine said that adding in a multiplayer would have been completely unnecessary because you are playing the game solely for the single player story and you don't need that distraction of a multiplayer to take away from your experience; and you don't need to worry about having certain team members focusing on that side of the game.

    I don't think The Last of Us needs MP either. Uncharted 2's multiplayer was very good, I thought mainly because it felt so unique. I wasn't too crazy for Uncharted 3's multiplayer because it didn't change anything. So what does that mean for The Last of Us? I just hope they upgrade it instead of keeping it the exact same.

    Its sort of like the multiplayer for AC. AC Brotherhood and a great MP. That was my favorite part of the game. It was intense and always kept me on my toes. AC Revelations was the exact same and didn't change ONE THING. I played it so much in BH that I barely played it in Revelations because it was the same song and dance. That was a MP type that could die out quickly if nothing for it changed. AC III came around and I only played it once and never touched it again. The MP was dried out and not worth playing anymore. Goes to show you; not every game needs a multiplayer.

  • Exactly. I mean I think the developers add multiplayers because most people want to do more after story. They think they should add multiplayer to increase the experience, but usually, it brings it down. What they should do is add some gameplay, more exploration throughout the game. Gives you a reason to go back to the story.

  • DLC never hurts either. DLC is the reason why I went back to Sleeping Dogs and Mass Effect.

  • True. Dlcs never hurt. I wonder when the DLC of Bioshock infinite will come out.

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