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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Future Platinum Runs

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  • It does look really good.

  • I think the multiplayer trophies are going to stop me from getting platinum because there is no way in heck I'm going to play it until I reach level 60. I got a handful of the MP trophies but I'm not sure if I'll bag the rest of the bunch.

  • Yeah I know, I just beat it yesterday, and I probably not either because of MP.

  • I'm taking my time with the game so I haven't beat it yet. Its kind of holding me over until BioShock: Infinite comes out. Its a great game though, just don't play the MP lol.

  • Yeah I know. I'm probably going to play God of war 3 and ascension. I played 3 nonstop one time when I was at a friends house. After playing the ascension demo, my brother won't stop talking about it. I might have another games I play next thing.  

  • I like the GOW games but I'm going to wait a bit to get Ascension, I did like the demo. I'm kind of wanting to get Dead Space 3 and try out that co op with some of my PSN friends. I heard it works pretty good.

  • Level 60?!? Dang. I don't mind multiplayer trophies, but that's a bit much.

    What is your opinion on the Tomb Raider MP, Warrior? I hear it's...Meh.

  • It is meh. Really the only negative of the game. The game is great though.

  • Personally, I think its worse than meh. It just doesn't play good at all. Every match is boring, it lags and no one plays it so you'll sit in the lobby for awhile. I got a good chunk of the MP trophies but that level 60 one seems to be impossible.

    Its really my only complaint of the game. Its like the opposite of Battlefield 3. It has a great singleplayer but the MP is a whole different game.

  • Great point. Battlefield multiplayer is amazing, but that's opposite of campaign. It would be great if they did a kind of good story. Like bad company 2. They had a pretty good story, and had characters you liked, or at least I did. Oh since this is platinum run, I guess I'll tel how my journey is going on Skyrim. I'm almost a lvl. 30, and need 7 more trophies. Anyways, to the topic at hand, you are exactly right J. I feel that some games don't even need multiplayer. I mean think of reception thumb raider would get if it had no multiplayer. Or spec ops the line which I think is a great game, had a great story, but horrible horrible multiplayer. My hope is its not the same for last of us because let's face it, story mode is going to be great. When has naughty dog disappointed in story? Multiplayer though I'm a little worried about. Lets hope it's like uncharted. To go back to spec op's multiplayer, J have you tried it yet. What are your thoughts on it?

  • I haven't played the multiplayer for it. I think you told me how horrible it was so I just avoided it. Thank goodness it doesn't have MP trophies. I was surprised to find out that The Last of Us was going to include MP. Uncharted had decent MP but I don't see the need for MP in this game. We'll have to wait and see. Speaking of multiplayer, I remember playing AC Brotherhood and I really liked the online play but the spark died for me very quick. In Revelations I didn't have any fun with it because nothing changed to make it a better experience. In III I played it once and barely got through a round and I haven't played it since. It was a good idea at the time but after one game it just died. MP is usually just hit or miss.

    How high up do you have to level up in Skyrim for that trophy?

  • You have to get Lvl 50.

  • Okay, for the Tomb Raider multiplayer trophies no one seems to notice this one: there's one for getting all of the upgrades and characters. Sounds like something that would be done by getting to 60, which I still haven't done. Wrong. There's ONE character that cannot be unlocked by that way but by getting prestige 3 times... WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?!

    Anyways, my sister picked up the Ezio trilogy a while back and I haven't really touched the multiplayer to get the trophies because I know I'm bad at it from playing the Revelations beta. Also, some of them sound like they require skill. I know I'll try eventually but maybe after I grind my way to Tomb Raider's platinum...

    I'm also trying to get the plat in Dishonored and it's a real pain to not have anyone die by getting eaten by rats or something when I knock them out. That game doesn't give enough lenience towards stealthy-non-violent runs. -_-

  • Dishonored's platinum does sound like it would be difficult. By the way, how is dishonored? It seems pretty fun. Just wondering what you thought of it.

  • I enjoyed it but I felt like the number of options for non-lethal ways to take out enemies was very limiting compared to the lethal ones. That said, the combinations and setups that you can deploy are pretty awesome and the different ways that you can approach each situation is fantastic. I had some trouble choking people though; I would block for no reason because I wasn't close enough or behind enough to start the knock-out maneuver and that got irritating.

    The story was enjoyable for me, even though I saw some of the plot coming, and I enjoyed the low-chaos ending that I earned. Those are the first things that come to mind when I think over the game.

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